Cinnabon / service

Pasadena, TX, United States

Cinnabon located in Flying J's in Pasadena, Tx off Hwy 225 & Red Bluff Dr. Thursday 11/8/18;
Reach the end. The employees here are ALL rude. Today is when I've had enough of their rudeness & lack of professionalism. The display in front of counter didn't have anymore single boxed cinnamon rolls, so proceeded to ask female employee who was engaged in a conversation with a male employee. Upon her turning her attention to me the look on her face was of annoyance for disrupting her conversation. On the counter you could visually see that at one point she was boxing some up. Upon asking her for a single boxed one she looks at the stack and then says there are some on the other display pointing across store, I look at her dumbfounded but went to other display anyway but there was only one large box there. I went back to tell her and all she says is oh there isn't. At that point I was annoyed and retrieved one of the single boxes off her stack and went to pay at stations check out. My question is what the point of her directing me to another empty display? Why not just hand me one the were stacked right in front of her. If employee doesn't feel like working then go home if employee dislikes their job then find another one instead of appearing to be annoyed for having to actually do the job which includes customer service.

Nov 8, 2018

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