CIMB Bank Singaporecheater

CIMB BANK (Singapore) is totally a cheater. The roadshow promoter or whoever told my father that by signing 3 times to his card, just 3 times, don't have any other requirement, he can CONFIRM get a free xiao mi phone. then when we call, they said its only for the first 1000 customer. They should have made themselves clear. Put this aside, the bill paper, this is the second time that we never receive the bill and you guys insist to charge us the late payment fee and interest. The first time we called and ask if we owe any money, as we never receive any bill, and they told us we had already made the payment. So we just ignore, then the following month, from the bill we received, it was not paid at all, we called and verify again, but they only deduct the interest for me, and not the late payment fee. So we had no choice but to pay for it. I told my father to cancel the card after this incident, as my friends told me that all their parents are not satisfy with CIMB card too. But he say nvm, give them a chance. But this is the SECOND TIME we never receive the bill and the second time we have to pay for the extra fee for nothing. I'm speechless about this. Never experience this with other credit card company. This is totally their way to cheat customer money, and my father finally, after being cheated the second time, have decided to cancel the card.

Jan 22, 2015

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