CIMB Bankmy atm card has been blocked for 2 weeks and it's the bank's fault!

I have been waiting now for 2 weeks for you to unblock my ATM card.

Please note that i am presently STUCK in Cambodia with no access to my money, and just calling you everyday is difficult.

I have yet to even have a reasonable explanation as to why the card was blocked in the first place, but be that as it may, you have sent me numerous emails asking for information, even after that information has been provided by me.

When i call you often seem confused about your own process, . Yesterday someone promised to call me back but failed to do so.

Again i want to stress i am in Cambodia with no access to my money. i have complied with all the requests you have made numerous times.

I assume that the bank is making money from my money while denying me access to it, please could you either unblock the card or send me a reference to the law that allows you to do this.

May 07, 2017

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