CIMB Bank Malaysia / poor customer service


I am very upset and fed-up for the poor customer service provided by CIMB Malaysia.

I am a CIMB credit card customer, then I registered myself to use CIMBClicks with my Credit Card. Subsequently, I noted there is a useful function which is to reload my phone prepaid number from CIMBClicks and I proceed to use it, and TAC on SMS requested, but there is no SMS receive on my phone even after 2-3 times trial.

So, so get things clear, the best is to call to customer service and solve it. So I call the CIMB customer service, greet by a nice guy who transfer me to the relavant department (he thought it is relavant) after I explain what is happening.

So, I was transfer to CIMBClicks service, again, explain what is happening and I was inform this is handling by Credit Card department. Fine, let's transfer me over.

Phone transfered to Credit Card department, again, I am require to explain what is happeining, and again I was inform this is handling by other department (Can't hear very clear what department she is talking about). Alright, I been put on hold while transferring.

The beauty is, I was put on hold for about 10 MINUTES listening to the music. Finally someone pick up the call and asking me to verify my identity. Ok, I understand this is for the security issue and I am fully co-operate to verify every single questions. BUT, by asking about 6 questions to verify, is it necessary? or even the customer service do not understand what I am answering and make her keep asking me questions?

Fine, finally the verification done after a bunch of questions. and I was require to EXPLAIN again what is happening and AGAIN she require me to put on hold so that she can transfer me to another department which is in-charge. WHAT? again??

FINE, then another few minutes on hold while transferring, finally greet by a nice guy and AGAIN require me to EXPLAIN what is happening. Finally, this nice guy tell me, "Sir, your account cannot perform other action, only for credit card balance enquiry".

WHAT? I am being transferring to so many departments and holding calls for so long and talking to so many different person, and finally I come to a person who just tell me I can't use it? Why don't you tell me in the 1st or 2nd department whoever answer my call?

General customer service do not able to answer, fine. CIMBClicks do not able to answer, ok. Credit card service also not able to tell? and the rest of the department which I can't hear clearly who they are as I am on very tired by holding the phone and wait and being transferred.

Come on, I don't think the Bank customer service should be this bad. Why a simple answer given by the last guy are not able to given to me in the first few transferred call to either CIMBclicks and Credit Card department? Or I am the first ever person who are so stupid to call and ask for enquiry with just a Credit Card member?


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