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CIMB Bank / horrendous customer service received at cimb sri damai branch, penang

1 CIMB Bank Berhad, 1-G-2B Medan Batu Lanchang, 11600 Georgetown Penang Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Contact information:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to bring your attention regarding a horrendous and dissatisfied customer service that I have received and encountered today i.e. 27th December 2018 between 230pm-330pm at the CIMB Bank Sri Damai branch at Penang.

I have gone to the aforementioned branch with the intention of opening a PRS (private retirement scheme) account with aim to qualify for the offer of the Youth Incentive as provided by the government of Malaysia. I had the misfortune to deal with a staff of yours who goes by the name of ' Vincent Chow Kee Lin' who is a personal financial consultant at the said branch. His knowledge on PRS was subpar to say the least and information provided by him was greatly confusing with contradictions even to my father who was with me at that time with 35 years of banking experience and who was a former banker.

He has informed me during the start of initial consultation with the presence of the branch manager, Madam Wahyunah binti Omar at her desk that I will be able to make it in time to apply for PRS and qualify for the Youth Incentive so as long as the formal documents arrive at the CIMB HQ branch by 12pm on 28th December 2018 i.e. the following day. He then informed me to come back to see him on Monday i.e. 31st December 2018 to apply for this said scheme of which, I then probed further and clarified that he just mentioned the dateline was on 28th December 2018 at 12pm and if I only apply on 31st December, then for sure my application will certainly make it in time. Seeing this moments later, he only then told me that my application may not make it in time as he is uncertain of the courier services pick up and timing and told me to apply for the said scheme via CIMB Clicks as online application process is quicker as he had a customer who did the same and online application is quicker minus the formal paperwork which will take time. Having given this information, I then agreed to apply via cimb online for this scheme. As I am not familiar with how to go about the application of PRS via cimb click online, I had kindly requested for Mr Vincent Low to please assist me at the kiosk of which he refused.

Subsequently in spite of the insistence of his manager, Madam Wahyunah bt Omar to assist me at the CIMB kiosk, he refused to help out and insisted that I head over to the kiosk to apply on my own of which, I had no idea on how to do so. I proceeded to the kiosk as directed and failing to find the proper section/column to apply for PRS on Cimbclicks, my father who was with me at that time had to reach out to him to please kindly help assist me at the kiosk at the bank.

Then, he came over to the kiosk and fumbled with the online site and similarly, failed to help me apply for PRS. He subsequently told me to call the CIMB Call Centre and that I can apply for PRS over the phone of which, I had then informed him that he has provided so many misinformation and contradicting information which started off as me being able to make it for the date line of application to then unable to make it for the said dateline to directing me to apply via cimb click at the kiosk in the bank and then now call centre.

I wished to stressed that I was being made run around the branch like a total fool with almost negligible assistance provided by the staffs of the branch. Mr Vincent Chow had also raised his voice at me while standing at the kiosk with my father I presence of other customers at that time saying 'he cannot talk with me as I'm emotional' which I find highly atrocious.

I wished to reiterate that such horrendous and poor service provided by Mr Vincent Chow is disappointing to say the least and to send your customer running all over the place with no proper information provided regarding a simple scheme of which, he has full responsibility and authority on is beyond me. In addition, Madam Wahyunah bt Omar also failed to perform damage control throughout my time there at the branch and seemed to just obey what Mr Vincent has suggested here and there. Mr Vincent is noted to be rude to her as well even from the start of the consult.

This clearly do not sit well with the CIMB brand name. And I sincerely hope that your team will investigate and look into this issue as these staffs are the bank's front line and service is of utmost importance! I would also believe the staff at CIMB bank Sri Damai branch require urgent retraining in communication skills and basic courtesy in dealing with customers.

I hope that your team will look into this and please kindly update me on the outcome of this complaint failing which, more customers will be lost with the rate this kind of customer service is being provided.

Dr Carol Goh

Dec 27, 2018

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