CiCi's Pizzaopening hours

M Nov 26, 2017

One morning my family & I were heading to cici's pizza here in Monroe, NC. When we arrive to our surprise doors were still locked, keep in mind it was already 11:05 & opening time was at 11AM. We stood there for about 15 mins until somebody finally came out with a "OPENING AT 12PM TODAY" written in black ink on paper receipt stating, "Sorry we are not opening until 12PM today but looks like we forgot to put a sign up". Thats when we headed to Pizza Hut since we had been waiting all morning for Cici's opening time. I just wish if opening times change for whatever reason there was a way of letting customers know not letting us stand there in the cold & come out with a crappy sign that was apparently made as soon as they saw us outside.

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