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Cic Experian / Scam-bad customer service, unauthorized charges!

1 United States Review updated:

I'm emailing in regard to the supposedly "risk free 30 day trial period" My name is James Pruitt and I have only once viewed my credit report on your website, which was the same day I signed up for this trial period. That same day I canceled my membership because I was only able to view the credit report from your company Experian not from the other two major credit reporting companies, therefore that is why I canceled. On 4/23/07 I was charged the monthly fee,

04/23/2007 04/21 109330 POS-PURCH CIC*Triple Advantage [protected] CA 12.95

I called the number provided and the customer service rep. said he would cancel the membership and the fee would be refunded in 7-10 business days. Well I know it is only 12.95 and I didn't keep up to see if it had been refunded or not... so today when I saw ANOTHER charge from your company

05/23/2007 4447 POS PRE-AUTH CIC*CE CREDIT REPORT [protected] CA CIC*CE CREDIT R 12.95.

I was very upset... and might I add the customer service rep Emily employee ID 4233 was not at all helpful nor sorry for MY inconvenience! Basically she called me a liar stating that I never canceled my acct that day even though it shows that I have not once been back on your website to even inquire about my credit report. I have found another company not affiliated with Experian or CIC. When I explained to Emily that my card shouldn't have been charged and told her I also noticed that I still haven't been credited from last month she said there was nothing she could do except cancel my acct and credit back the charge for today... I understand it is only 12.95 that isn't the point, its all about customer service and about not being scammed!!! I told her that also I was suppose to be credited back for last month and she only gave me an address to dispute my acct!!!

Consumer info/crg
p.o. box 19729
irving ca [protected]

My time is important to me and I don't appreciate it being wasted. This matter needs to be investigated and taken care of ASAP. I want my card credited back from last month and I want ya'll to make sure that my acct is CANCELED and i am not going to have to waste time again next month calling your company and dealing with this matter. If not, I will take the time and go out of my way to make sure that everyone knows this is a scam. Post a bulletin on myspace, find every website I can that will let me tell my story and let everyone know about your company.

Hopefully this is taken care of THIS TIME!!

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  • Jo
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I very much agree with yall they keep on charging my account when i have only veiwed my credit report once.

  • Sj
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    This is a tricky one, as you do get a service for the $12.95 fee.

    I was very aware when I signed up that it was just a 30-day trial, however I haven't experienced anything untoward as I have been enjoying the service so haven't had a need to cancel my subscription.

    Be careful threatening lawyers, as they are not just taking your money - they offer monthly credit reports with a full history tracker and ways to improve your score.

    I'd recommend calling to cancel (take down details such as time, date and person you spoke with) and then follow up with a snail-mail letter (make sure you keep a copy).


  • Ju
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    Cic Experian - scam
    United States

    This company has the worste policy's and customer service ever. I cant believe a company like this has information to humans credit history in the first place, i signed up for free, , enter your credit card for identity check reasons and blahsay blahsay and when i called about the charges they were sending me it was like they had it written knowing there a scam company saying, , , haha we tricked you!! Im sorry to be the one to inform you that the website you signed up for sir is not the government free website.. lalalalala.. I promiss you i hope someone in this company reads this and fixes my account charges because im gonna report them to ever website and ajency i can find until i get my money back!

  • Ge
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I have dealt with all three credit bureaus on consumer reporting and Experian is the worst and that is even according to a creditor that is attempting to remove a malicious and false report off my credit report. Experian reported the item as a Reposeesionstill driving the car and paying for it. They investigated it they said hehehehhee and it remains there today. Experian is not working with the consumers but the businesses that report. If you ask them to investigate it they do not. Trust me. Several agencies have reported that. They keep it on file and eventiually tell you you can't complain about it anymore and put a comment. This is a snakey company and have you noticed that most online lenders deal exclusively with them. I don't even know why our congress and senate pass laws for not only the credit bureaus but collection agencies. They are still doing what they always did. This time they never send you a written letter telling you that the debt is owed they call you so they can get around the law. With the economy in such bad shape and the agencies reporting false information and sometimes just blatanly wrong it puzzles me. I think everyone should pull their credit report and if you find an error and it doesn't change then report it. It is time for consumers to take action too.

  • Mi
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    I receive a letter about my credit and I have alot of problems on my credit which is not true I called a rep told me to go on the internet about my issue. so furthermore here is my complaint.on July 10, 2008 I was looking to purchase a car at Adp/holzhauer in Nashville, Illinois however I did not purchase one there. then you have Discover in Dec 13, 2007 that is taken off my record I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy back in June 1998 and as of the new year of january 2008 my record is clean from everything Here is another one. Bank of America I do not have anything with them. First State Bank of dix that account is closed. Another is Union Planters Bank that account is closed. Verizon wireless is closed Washington Mutual is closed also. and another washington mutual is close Here is the last is wells fargo that account is closed and i have a letter to prove it. Could you pleased take care of this matter this is damageing my credit. ASAP!!! Here is my phone number if u need to speak with me 1-618-231-5531 best time to call is after 3pm. Thank you Michelle Trotter

  • Mi
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I have been waiting an email to straighten my credit report from your company there is alot of mistakes on this credit report i receive please email me at [email protected] or call me 1-618--231-5531 asap. Sincerely Michelle Trotter

  • Er
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    We should of read the terms of conditions. Experian charges your account after 9 days. You have a 9 day grace period. When the 9 day period is up, Experian charges your credit card. So much for a free credit report which I thought is was. They use the credit card info start your account and then use it to charge your account after the grace periods are up. Call 1 888 829 6560 to cancel the account or they will keep charging the credit card. And don't try to get you money back. The terms also state no refunds after payments are completed. Its not a scam and its are own fault for not researching this through regardless that it says free credit report. Like my Dad use to say, nothing in life is free.

  • Je
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I signed up with so I can see what my credit score was. Since it was a free trial as long as you cancel before the next month I figured why not. I signed up for it...saw my credit score..and then checked my bank account. I realized I was charged $1 for some credit report and on my online bank statement, it said the charge was from CIC CE Credit report 8003888725. I looked up the number and found this site. So I figured to prevent any more troubles later on, I'll just call now and cancel it. I called and asked to cancel my account. The representative asked why. I told him because I just wanted to know my credit score, therefore, would only need to use this site once. He then went on a spiel about how I should continue with the service because it will benefit me in the long run. Five minutes later I repeated, I just really want to cancel my account. He then went on to tell me I could upgrade to some package. I again said, no thanks, I just want to cancel my subscription. He then went on for another 5 minutes about how he can give me the upgraded package at a discount. I said I want to cancel and really don't need the service. He finally agreed to cancel it for me. He asked me to wait and while I was waiting for him to pull up my records and cancel everything, he goes on again about how he realized he can now give me the service for only $6 a month and I still get the upgrades. I told him I had diarrhea and just really need to cancel my subscription and if I stay on the phone any longer I'll ### myself. He cancelled it for me and said thank you for choosing and hoped that I would be using again in the future. This was my experience with them. Hopefully I don't see anymore charges. I am thinking with all the other comments here that I should maybe get a new account number too. =/

  • Do
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    It seems every time you go to Experian for a "free" credit report, you get redirected to their 3-in-1 site and create a new account each time. Charges are for $29.95 per month, but even though they have your email address, they never notify you that they have charged you. Their customer service people are rude.


    No wonder they changed their name from Trans Union! What will they change it to next to avoid adverse publicity. In this economy, with deceptive practices such as this, their company should be dissolved. But you know that won't happen. Too much money is being traded under the table to those who represent us.

    Note: after calling twice I finally got a full refund, but only by talking non-stop and reading from this webpage. I think the rep did it just to get rid of me.

  • Ri
      23rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    over thirty five dollars was taken out of my account by this company and now my account is in the hole. i have no idea where they got my info or what they took it out for. i want my money back and i want something done about this

  • Sh
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    They keep charging me $14.95 per month, under the guise of Experian Direct or CIC.

  • Kr
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Yep... me too. Signed up to find out my credit rating as i'm having money problems, they got back to me offering me ludicrous apr and solutions that would've led me into further debt. I made it very clear to the 'customer services rep' in Deli that I wanted nothing more to do with their company - 4 weeks later a charge of £14.99!! When i called to dispute this the guy on the end of the phone informed me that i was made aware of the charge - nope! Further to this the credit score they gave me was nonsense, i know full well that my score is poor... according to Experian it was excellent?! When I took this up with the csr he told me that it was the fault of my credit card company for not providing them with the information, I told him surely it was their job to 'check', he informed me that this was not the role of Experian- so what do they do then??? sit back and wait to see who delivers information to them and then produce a bogus report based on half the facts - well done Experian! I could've done that myself. I told the csr that I was sure he'd heard this complaint many times today - he informed me I was the first complaint he'd EVER dealt with... PAHAHA! A joke of a company who pray on people in need, do half a job, offer loans that'll lead to more trouble and trap them into a monthly charge - DIsgusting!

  • Jo
      23rd of May, 2013
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    After trying to receive a 4.95 credit report online, I have been charged for $68.70. After speaking with Experian representative, no resolution. On May 23, 2013 I had received an email from Experian notifying me of an account. I began to wonder what type of account they could be referring to. I decided to call the customer support phone number for Experian. I spoke to someone named 'Ashley'. She had explained I was auto-enrolled in a service I hadn't even known Experian provided. She said that it began back in February of 2013 and continued until today, May 23, 2013. She said she could credit me back the latest charge. I refused to accept the refund stating that I had received charges totaling $68.70 above the original charge of the $4.95 credit report. I asked to speak to her supervisor. After waiting on the phone for over 5 minutes, she came back saying that she could only offer me the last charge as a refund and the "charges are valid." I insisted to speak with a supervisor, and was finally transferred to a man named Ryan. Corporate ID #25699. Ryan said that I was auto enrolled into a program, and was given 30 days to cancel. "It is up to you to cancel the service." He lead me to think I hadn't paid enough attention to my finances and that now I had to pay. He lied to me in saying that the previous rep had offered me TWO previous months worth of refund. I was only offered one. He began changing his story. He credited my account for $31.76 as a "courtesy". Is stealing my hard earned money through auto enlisting me into a service I didn't want sound like a courtesy to anyone? I am amazed at the poor business practices that are being shown to me by Experian. Rest assured, I will be letting everyone I know how sleazy a company Experian is. The internet is a small place, and I plan on warning as many online as possible to prevent others from having to deal with your company. I expect to receive the full refund of $68.70 less the $31.76 refunded to me. The total amount due to me as a consumer is $36.94. Please do everyone a favor and stop trying to steal the US citizen's money through these despicable business practices.

  • Re
      23rd of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Why bother creating a quality product when you and two other companies, by law, are the only companies in the USA that is allowed to provide credit information? Their web site operates like a bunch of 75 year old lawyers where given a 'how to code a web-site in 24 hours' book, and two bottles of scotch. Pathetic.

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