Churchill Butler / Wages

United Kingdom

Unbelievably I worked for this guy for a year. Initially he seemed to be trying to get me to leave without paying me at all, but I was so desperately persistent I eventually got my first pay packet. From then on, two weeks out of every month were spent chasing the next pay packet, being told one thing then another, treated with offhand non-concern. He seems to have developed a tactic of keeping a core of competent people going who keep things ticking over (I ended up as one of those people), so he can continue with hiring new people to just not pay them, and get 8 weeks free work out of them before they decide to cut their losses and leave.

I stayed so long because you're effectively working a month in hand. Often you would only get paid by going on strike. So if you quit, that bargaining chip is gone, so how would you get your last month's money? Eventually I came up with the lie that I was taking a sweet temp job two months, but when it finished could I pretty please have my job back? He bought it, and 5 weeks later when the last of what I was owed landed in my account, I sent him an email telling him to go and [censored] himself.


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