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I started playing this a couple of months ago and have enjoyed it up until now.

Yesterday I paid $30.00 through PayPal, which by the way never got credited to my Chumba account. After trying to battle back and forth with the Chumba team over, they ended up closing my dispute and never resolved anything. Now I can't get a response from them.
I ended up disputing the charge through PayPal and got my money back. Now instead of my Chumba account being correct, they show it as me owing them $30.00 and again, won't respond to my messages to get this fixed.

It's really sad, because I loved playing this game, but I won't throw my hard earned money away and not be able to get a response when I need it.

Mar 03, 2017
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  • Ro
      Apr 28, 2017

    In Dec. of 2016, I bought 3 facebook gamecards to play on Chumba Casino. One was in the amount of $20., and the other two were in the amount of $10. each. I entered the cards per their instructions, and still have not received credit for any of them. I reentered one again to see if I had done the procedure correctly and was sent a message that I the card had already been entered. Four months later and many emails back and forth, I have been told that I owe $29.95 to facebook, and yet they haven't been able to find and credit my account for the $40. that I bought the cards with . I have sent them a picture of each gamecard, the amount they were for and where I purchased each one. I enjoyed the game but am growing tired of getting the run around. I have informed them that once they find the money that I have already sent in, they can take the $29.95 out of that and we will be even. Still waiting!!

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  • Yo
      Dec 31, 2017

    I was offered $10 free of I buy $10 I purchased $10 but didn't receive it now can I receive my money

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