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4636 old Spanish trail, Caryville, TN, United States

Very simply but I had won $5, 000 in sweepstakes cash on various slot machines on December 22nd 2018. when I attempted to cash out I was I was greeted with the usual we received your cash out request yada yada yada
2 days later my account is deactivated due to negative status
my wife had reported fraud charges on her credit card and somehow chumba gold coins got wrapped up in it I immediately rectified the situation. And submitted proof to chumba Casino
I cooperated in every way asked with the customer service manager Ivan after 30 days I filed a grievance with the Better Business Bureau and the malta Gaming Commission. just as I had said I would Ivan placated me lied to me cajoled me did everything he could to make sure that I did not get paid the monies owed to me by chumba Casino
. my only satisfactory resolution is to have chumba Casino pay me the $5, 000 a day oh me and apologized sincerely Christopher Mouyos.

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings

Jan 23, 2019

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