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I have a couple points to make and a story that sounds like its right out of a "enemy of the state" sequel. I get all of you who idolize at the chumba trough. I played and had a pin# and cashed out dozens of few hundred dollar wins. I sent the "mail-in" sweepstakes envelopes religiously and received the accolades riches! But, you have to admit that when you look upon it from a certain perspective you can envision and definitely see, the control and manipulation aspect. Just read the "true believer" desperate to convince others, that "it's not a scam!" (Or really "themselves"?). Now, please don't be offended and immediately lash out. Relax and just let your perspective widen. When you read all the fawning responses of desperation in the contests of those masses of commenter trying to win that $5 free sweep, doesn't kind remind you of a "crack addict"... Just a little? Doesn't it make you feel little dirty? Now, I am not judging or espousing some high morality, I am the worst at debasing myself. Again, it an intellectual exercise, to think of many aspects. Now, when you see it, and the cause and effect, especially of the "sore losers" who never win! And everything and everyone at chum are to blame! Well, there is also truth in that. Why, it's really, simple. It's gambling!! And with gambling, you have all of those reactions. Those sweeps are not free! The gold coins with 1000x the value of the low brow "sweep", is f... Ing worthless. Come on, who plays the gold coins? No one. So, let's all just come to this agreement together so we can move on. Chum casino, is gambling, dressed up in a facade, of a "sweepstakes" nobility, that sounds as benign as publishers clearing house! Remember the days when dr's used to prescribe "black beauties" (Speed to you younguns) to middle class housewives, as "mothers little helpers". Well the results were predictable to any of us street rats, they all got hooked bad! Thinking, but it was my dr. Who, are any number of other justifications. From the cocktail parties they went to the... Well, you get my meaning. Now, chum knows that and plays it like any casino would given access to the gullible public, not savvy to the ways of crime bosses. The fox is in the henhouse! So, dust off your blinders and take a peek. And those who say that the games like gem huntress change from sweeps and gold coins are absolutely, uncontroversial right. Its programmed that way! It's gambling!!! Hustler in vegas knows the slots! Why do all slots have the disclaimer that malfunctions void payout... Because it's gambling!! By the way, slots have the worst return potential of all casino games except roulette or big wheel. I digress... Sorry.
Ok, here is where this is going. Imagine being one of the "geeks" at chum, zendesk... Great name! And you have the power to dole out justice that you have no boundary to curb. (Why do you think on-line gambling is illegal? And casino's highly regulated) well, since this may be you first job and girls don't like you, the power swells until your a semi-god lording over the filthy begging masses for their "sweeps" and then the geeks form groups of like mind. Anyway, you see?... Project your thoughts and you will. Well, that's where nay story begins. A chum regular, playing and spending a little more than I know may be healthy... Oh well, at least I am street wise and never saw it for anything more than illegal on-line gambling somehow that has a connect, an in... Somewhere in the feds i'd guess... A little protection if you get my drift. Remind me to tell you sometime about my friend norman king, of the post card sweepstakes! True story. Doing a dime at terminal island. You know send $9.99 for a winners list, we all got his postcards, until the feds stepped in! So, i'm getting my free mail-in sweeps (God, norman did the same thing, the free mail in opportunity to win!) and playing, kicking # on gem huntress, pop a $250 win off a $10 free sweep! And having a ball! So I put in my cash-out request, enter my pin# and wait…it always takes a couple days or so. (You should try the real on-line casino's most slow pay so bad…) get the usual prerequisite emails of congratulations! And we are processing, dada, dada, …then I hit up against one of the sends cult members (Basically the "gestapo" a bit of a difference between them and the regular ss) and get "the email", "we node have rejected your cash out request as we require more information from you.
Please contact us atâ [protected] If you need further assistance.
Thank you for playingâ chumbaâ casino. Regards, from
Oh, # here come the shake-down! Now if you get one of these, I can assure you it a'int because they need a little more info! They already have an agenda, whatever that turns out to be. It may be just a for"forfiture"(Know what I mean)"wet the beak"…give up the cash-out and win another day. Taking your money! Since it's already, ready and payable…. I hear those of you stating in the complaint:"I have been trying to cash out and they keep wanting this, and that, one problem or another, now you get it? The little "geeks" are raking it in! They form packs that watch each other…anyhoo, I get the "because you requested… (In other words its always your own fault that you are in this position) it came to our attention, blah, blah, blah, (It could be one of several pretexts) mine was that they discovered a another account capable of cashing out and pursuant to the chumbly bible (Terms and conditions)…well, this is where it all went bad, if you can't tell, I can be a wise-# and I was a little pissed at the timing of it all, so I called the little 4-eyed, skinny, girl repulser, living in mom's basement, out!... Not a good idea, and I knew better, but…so, to counter his"multiple account violation of section 4, argument, I countered "no #, were allowed one account for each platform #! (So of course there will be two accounts capable of cashout) oops, I must of hit the captain of the rouge squad, because he went
Volcanic. Did alittle more homework and fired back claiming that the time I disputed a claim that account was deactivated, but now it's"silent"(Tomato, tomato, if you cant play with it its dead!...) so, since you now have two official accounts you have violated the chumba equivilant to heineous mass geniside…and so its decreed that you will never play on any platform or cash out again…never, ever. Actually, I kid you not, it had a lot of that in it! So, naturally, I counter every argument (How consumers are allowed due process and billing errors…) how his own team sent me emails stating they were aware of the deactivated account and the circumstance and it's a-ok… well, although I was spitting every term and condition (They pretend to adhere to with politeness…we are so sorry you feel the way you do it was never our intention.. But) and each email as he lost point after point, (I do law stuff, so I argue well!) it stopped…crickets…not good! Gotta give the devil is due, those little girless geeks can play a computer like a master musician! They (Can only assume"the team") started with my facebook page. It really is a work of hacking art now! I will probably give my password so everyone can look around and see (Kinda like visiting the scene of a train wreck) every scrap of chumba has been surgically removed. Counld't call up or search anything that starts or sounds like chumba, entire payment account hacked to shreds…not a single payment to or from chumba is there as proof of any contact …ever. Try and click on any service from facebook, and it redirects you to the same error screen, over, and over… any payment attempt to anyone calls up the facebook"we have noticed unusual activity, so your payment account is frozen"this is on a loop that never get resolved. (If you answer and give everything, it comes back to start…clever little #s!) so, what you have is a shell…a facebook page that only looks real, but doesn't work and cannot send for help! You can watch the world go by, but cant interact.
All true I swear to god! So, I doesn't stop there…my home computer (And don't think for one minute they don't know exactly who and where you are) with girls they probably turn on the laptop/pc camera in reverse…you get it.) probably have some derogatory term like"sweep #s"or somesuch…just saying. Anyway, my home unit got hit as well, you know the reciepts paypal and facebook send you…they have imbeds and other chumba computer things that activayte and learn about your …everything basically. What's secret on you home computer …all your stuff is there. One thing of advice, never click a link to"get your "free sweep", it's like giving a vampire permission to come into your house! True! Same for the convient links to zendesk… (The coven!) to put a nail in this, ill say that the receipt I used to have from facebook, paypal…gone. Once again try and click to get anywhere its off to error screen land! So, that's where I am and I wouldn't care a rats #, if the little "geeks" play lord of the flies with chumba patrons (Me included) on their turf, but to me they crossed the line, when the came out of the basement to attack. I told them, …alex…shane…and the rest, of the zendesk rouges, i'm coming for you!, I will find the cubby hole and open the curtains. I promise! Noe, I aint gonna physically hurt the little guys, but, I am going to start to gather my army as well. The ones you wont pay, the ones you never let win!, the ones who really need the f.. Ing sweeps you dangle and pull-away. I will champion all the slights and malice you laugh about each day at work and the simple and desperate you keep at your beck and call for "sweeps" you dole out. I will find out why norman king, got 10 in terminal island and why chumba claims and does worse fraud and federal crimes and gets crickets… i'm sure the europeon/canadian and other world on-line casino's who are forbid to have usa customers, are interested in chumba. It begins here in the social media, a counter facebook page, that illuminaters and helps those who need it! Remember, its not computer chips and pretend gold coins like a computer game story game, it's f.. Ing real money you are stealing and using people with like #masters. Pay pal and facebook currently are your lapdogs. It's the school you use to indoctronate your victums. The courts will be next to challenge all these exculpatory provisions and unmconsciouable "terms" that will fall like rocks under judicial scrutiny. That is gospel. Click here and you agree…. Really?... I don't think so!!! The local judges will get a hoot out of that one! They might eventually have a special "chumba small claims court day"! We will offer free services! The politicians always need a cause! Especiacially the conservative christian and trumpers! I'm sure chumba hates trump! Why does this foreign aussie company get to come here and rape the americans? That's not
Fair or free trade..,. Like your sweeps? Eh mate? Never underestimate the power of the masses that you fall in disfavor with when the sweeps just don't add up anymore and the games are not paying and the abuses get larger. So, my friends, that's my rant and story! I am mad as hell, and I anti goanna take it any longer! I'm mad for me and the more I see and watch the degradation and innerspring when the poor thing spend the money on your sweep, and the kids don't eat! It is happening. Its an addiction, chumba is the only provider of this math, crack, booze…tomato,.
I'm generally soft as a bunny! So I don't mean to alarm! Here is my email it is the one chumba will recognize and that's the point…[protected]…if you want share a story, pro or con, have at it…can you help? Perhaps I can find a way to get some "sweeps" for those who truly need it. Everyone will come to the reality in there own time…every addict does.. There is always the first stage…denial
Peace out!
Rhys michaels

Apr 01, 2017
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  • Je
      Apr 08, 2017

    Your one of them and a total ###ing liar!!!

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  • Su
      May 18, 2017

    Ummmmm. Wow Mann can I get sim of that herb too?? What were you talking about oh yeah crack and pills. I don't like those things so I am going to play at Chumba your post is waaaaay tooooo heavy and drug out for my eyes to stay here.

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  • Je
      Sep 27, 2017

    Totally get your point here as I am currently in a similar cash out nightmare with them. A little long of a post but given the circumstances I see why.

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