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I've played Chumba casino and over a two month period, they managed to take $100, 000 from my credit cards. I didn't play that much at all! I filed a complaint with PayPal only to be told that there were too many charges for me to dispute. I then found out that they somehow spoofed my IP address OR PayPal is lying to me. I guess that teaches me for not watching and writing down every single time I charged to this company!
I'm the second one this has happened to. What they do is, lets say you play $30 three times ($90 total). You get a confirmation email but you also get confirmation emails for $150, $150, $300 AFTER you have already played and went to bed. This is what happened over two months. I thought I was going crazy but I have found another person that had the exact same thing happen to them. Is there anybody else out there that has had this happen to them?

Dec 18, 2017
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  • Jo
      Dec 26, 2017

    They done me the same way too. I understand the government is working to shut down these online casinos

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  • Fi
      Dec 27, 2017

    @Jo Summers Can you please supply more info about what happened to you. I'm currently fighting all the charges as fraud because they either go into my computer and processed fake transactions or did it some other way. Just trying to narrow down how they are doing it and would like to know if you found anything out or what was your outcomes if you fought it. - Thanks

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  • Ba
      Jan 11, 2018

    Chumba Casino just hit my bank for over 3000 dollars and PayPal will do nothing about it . I think PayPal is a partner in this scam.

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  • Fi
      Jun 01, 2018

    @Barrymccreight Look for "Chumba Casino Issues" on facebook. It's a closed group where we can talk more in detail of what happened to you.

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  • Fi
      Mar 20, 2018

    I'm starting to get my money back but it's a pain. What you need to do is this:
    When you play Chumba, you are buying "gold coin packages". The gold coins is what you use to play for fun. The money you get for the slots to play for 'real' is the "chance to win a prize" that they speak about. Well as for me, when I first called the out on the bluff, they locked my account and I was told in order to have access to my account, I needed to cancel all disputes with their company. So since I'm locked out of my account, I don't have access to the "Gold Coins" that I purchased. Therefore the items I paid for were not received because I cannot access them. I showed PayPal the screen shot of the message from Chumba, I then showed them that my account was deactivated, and I further screen shot the email I received showing how many gold coins I had in my account. PayPal gave me back all the money back that I spent on the site for "Items Not Received" and I'm currently working with the credit card company now.

    Because of this damn scam, PayPal issued me a 1099 which I have to report to the IRS which isn't even accurate. Don't mess around with this casino. They are fun at first, nice and did pay me but then all hell broke out.

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