Chris J. Giunta HomeownerEscrow account scam and fraud

When GMAC filed for bankruptcy my loan was sold to Ocwen. The previous year I was battling with GMAC because they neglected to setup my impound even though the documents said they did.
So this is where the fun starts? Because of the escrow screw up by GMAC, they left me with a massive escrow shortage of $15, 770.00! After Ocwen took over my loan they demanded payment of the escrow shortage. I told them I didn't have the money and frankly wasn't my mistake. After going back and forth in did the honorable thing and agreed to pay the escrow shortage back.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FLWe agreed on an extra payment of $376.33/mo until that $15 770.00 is paid in full. This started in May 2012. Fast forward to now April 2017, I've paid them over $18, 440.00 (49 payments x 376.33). I immediately asked for the difference back and my escrow payment to be lowered to the current amount due (current property taxes x 2 plus insurance) and they said no. Ocwen is a complete fraud and what they're doing is criminal. I've had enough with theseach criminals. Paying $1483/mo for escrow when it should be $1170 is downright criminal. They should be sued for abuse and fraud!

May 07, 2017

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