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Use extreme caution when booking online through choice hotels. I was searching hotels for my specific travel date and then a very discounted deal hotel appears, which did advertise it was not refundable. i click into it thinking oh that's a nice deal i guess i would by this even though it's non-refundable because i knew i was going to be for sure staying in that area. Anyways once i clicked it, it had a countdown thing making it seem super limited like the deal was going to disappear if i didn't book right then and there, and so i quickly but still thoroughly overlooked everything and booked it. 2 weeks later i go to check into the hotel and worst thing ever happens, the reservation to my awful surprise, the check in date had passed. i was so confused, so i went back in my confirmation email which i didn't even think to double check initially because i triple checked the booking dates before finally booking, and sure enough the check-in date on my confirmation email was the same date that i booked it the hotel. clearly that is not what when i intended to stay, having already drove 3 1/2 hours and paid for the hotel, non refundable. i was shocked. it ruined my trip and all my plans because i had no other hotel to stay at due to a huge event in the area everyone was full. i called choice hotels up, and told them what happened and i truly believe it was the system that error'd out during checkout because i triple checked the dates when booking.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Phoenix, AZ the hotel could not refund me, so they said they would open a system investigation and see if there really was an error. after following up with them, the investigation could see the original check-in dates i had searched for (which was not the same day i was booking), and then apparently when i had clicked on the flashy limited time only special discounted hotel stay, the dates RESET to the current date!!! I still don't believe that I overlooked the check-in date when booking that discounted stay, but either way i told Choice hotels that the website tricks you then, and i'm sure I'm not the only customer this has happened to. They design the website like that to RESET dates on purpose hoping that you over look dates i guess and book a NON-refundable same day of purchase stay. I think it's so messed up. Choice knows what they're doing and i explained that's terrible customer service and poor website design that it would do that. I asked could they please give me a courtesy one time refund for the inconvenience and the fact i didn't even get to stay at the hotel, and they said no, that because I could view the stay dates before confirming it was essentially my fault, however, it wasn't my fault the dates reset on me when i hit the special offer stay. And they just said next time i could call and book over the phone instead of online. Really?, that's your solution rather than fixing your screwed up tricky design of a website? Great job with your customer service Choice, you have lost a loyal Choice Privileges member. I advise everyone to steer clear of booking online with Choice Privileges.

Jan 27, 2017

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