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Choice Hotels / Every Day Guests / rip off

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A few months ago they made some crazy offer for me to try out a program and said I would receive a gas card and whatever else in the mail for trying. I would get to keep these, even if I canceled my trial. All this is fine, except that I completely forgot about it because I never received anything. I happened to log into my bank account tonight to see "[protected] POS PRE-AUTH CHK TLG*EVDAYGUEST" taking out $119.99 ... I had to GOOGLE it to find an answer and it lead me to this complaint board and some others.. and Since this is a part of Choice Hotels, which I did use a few months ago, I put two and two together so here I am. Ripped off of over $100 and ticked off!

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  • Mo
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    First off, you should not have forgotten something involving your money. Second, it's not Choice hotels' fault, it's YOURS.

  • No
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    It is not her fault it is choice hotels fault for associating with a rip off or scam place T l g shopper is behind this for a very large Chane of hotels they should pick who they associate with more carefully it is nothing but lies i also got hit and I will not lie down and take this stuff I will be a very large pain in there ### for a chain I use often shame on them...

  • No
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    They are also attached to travel Service Shopper Adage T L G and Every day guest is all but a rip of or scam They change name

  • Rs
      8th of May, 2009
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    I checked my credit card transactions on line and noticed two charges for $119.99 both on the same day and both from TLG. One was TLG Shopper Adv. and the other was TLG Evday Guests. There is no benefit to the hotel chain points rewards program if this is what the results are. Everyone should watch your credit card statements VERY Closely!

  • Re
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    Comfort Inn - Avoid staying there
    Comfort Inns
    United States

    Avoid staying at Comfort Inns. I stayed at the one in Skokie and had a major issue. When I called the corporate office all they said was that they had no authority over the individual hotel and thus they could not do anything.

  • Do
      13th of May, 2011
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    Comfort Inn Hotel - Amputated Finger
    Greene Management Corp / Comfort INN
    United States

    I was staying in the comfort Inn in Westchester Oh, I was there on Business, I came back to the hotel opened the door, and the door closed to fast and amputated myy finger, the date of accident 03/22/1=2011 Their Insurance is Ohio Casulity and from the begining that Insurance has did everthing possbile to pay a liability claim, the Commpany that operates this hotel is Greene Magement corp we have asked numberous times from them to contact us to settle this claim, going on two months later were still trying to contact them.The Hotel mangement will not disclose any information on Greene mangement. we are tired of these stall tactic, we have demanded a settlement, for the second time. I was a invited paying patron, I deserve better service than this, as for the Insurance Co Ohio casulity they need to get busy and settle this matter, I have also contact Insurance Commission and Beter Business Bueaur as well. This hotel is a mess with the door, please let the public know about the saftey hazzard that exist at this motel, I do have photos of finger, which are to horrible to show on the internet.

  • Sr
      14th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    keep fighting it you'll eventually get paid people get millions for far less claims your gonna be rich!

  • Sa
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    I booked a room in Econolodge (Niagra falls-US) for the memorial day weekend. Just one night before our scheduled departure, my 2 yr old son fell sick (high temperature and coughing). We thought he'd be ok by next morning ... but next morning his condition worsen. I decided to cancel the trip and called Econolodge to cancel the reservation. To my surprise, the GM of hotel Mr. BS Patel, says that he would still charge me because they have a 48 hrs notice deadline. Mr, Patel does not understand that the health issues (specially of a 2 yr old) are not predictable under any set timeline. He surely must refund the money but argues that he won't. I am looking for options to get the money back.

  • Jn
      28th of Jun, 2011
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    Quality Inn - Horrible Rooms
    United States
    Phone: 5624022202

    This hotel is the worst place I have ever been to in my entire life. My room was infested with roaches and the front desk attendant did nothing about it. He was well aware of the problem and didnt find it to be a big deal. I would not recommend staying at Quality Inn & Suites to anybody unless you are ok sleeping with roaches on your pillow. This place should be shut down...

  • Ar
      13th of Jun, 2012
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    Quality Inn - Doubble-Charged for One Room
    Quality Inn
    United States
    Phone: 817-879-2513

    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Armando Martinez and I’m employed for Lockheed Martin at Fort Worth, Texas and my wife, Donna, works for the Government as a Realty Specialist also in Fort Worth and I’m writing this letter to Quality Inn & Room for basically ruining my vacation at Galveston, Texas. It was an extremely unpleasant and upsetting experience for me, my wife and children and being taken advantage and loss of money.

    We Checked-In to Quality Inn & Suites Galveston (see address below) on June 7, 2012 and Checked-Out on June 9, 2012. On the morning of June 9th, my wife balanced our checking account and found we were Double-Charged for one room by for staying at the Quality Inn & Suites Galveston (see below).

    Quality Inn & Suites Galveston
    5924 Seawall Blvd
    Galveston, Texas 77551

    I immediately called Customer Service. They told me that we had reserved two rooms at Quality Inn & Suites Galveston and I told them that this was not true. When we arrived at Quality Inn & Suites Galveston, we were given keys for one room for me, my wife and children to stay in. I was never told that we had two rooms reserved under our name. If that was the case, I could’ve resolved this issue the day we Checked-In. I do not understand why Quality Inn & Suites Galveston did not tell me we had two rooms?

    Anyhow, Customer Service called the manager of Quality Inn & Suites Galveston and explained the situation to the manager. The manager spoke to Customer Service and they went ahead and charged us for the room we never stayed in and were reimbursed for only one night. I argued with manager to point that I told him to call 911 for being robbed and he told me to leave the premises and his property. My wife upset was upset and scared we started packing immediately.

    I didn’t know what to do so I spoke to the manager again and I explained to him that as a consumer that I had been screwed and he would’ve done the same being in the same situation. He did give us a discount to stay another night but I stayed to appease my wife and children. I was embarrassed, humiliated and actually felt discriminated. I felt the same every time I walked through the lobby or when I walked by a Quality Inn Representative. Anyhow, I only received one confirmation email from with the following information:

    Itinerary Number: 87709273
    Confirmation Number: 19523089016
    1 Room: Two Queen Beds Ocean View Accessible
    Guest: Donna Martinez
    2 Adults. 2 Children

    I did not receive any other emails from before I Checked-In to Quality Inn & Suites Galveston; we were only given keys to only one room and never told I had two rooms by Quality Inn. I want immediate reimbursement and compensation for my dreadful experience with Quality Inn Corporation. I hope I do not have to seek legal counsel on this situation.

    Armando M. Martinez
    109 Bolivar Drive
    Weatherford, Texas 76085

    Armando M. Martinez
    JSF/F-16 Completion Supervisor
    Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Work Cell: (817) 879-2513
    Personal Cell: (817) 771-9069

  • Sc
      28th of Aug, 2012
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    Quality Inn - Quality Inn - not really
    Quality Inn
    United States

    When we went to check in we were told that dogs were not allowed but we had made a reservation with a dog included. So they decided they had to honor the reservation. Recently they had decided not to allow dogs. Having a dog is the only reason we stayed here. Well the place was dirty. They were refurbishing the place. I saw spiders in the room and then a ### roach ran across my husbands bed. We were so upset about the cockroaches (more showed up) that we slept with the light on to try to keep them at bay. I often travel with a dog and if the place is not good enough for my dog then it isn’t good enough for me. Since they didn’t want my dog staying there I should have figured out that it wasn’t going to be a good place!

    This is the first Quality Inn we have stayed at and it will be the last one. I just wish they had a LaQuinta in the area. They are clean and take dogs. Imagine that.

  • Ad
      24th of Aug, 2016
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    Choice Hotels - multiple charges, customer service, hotel stay
    Choice Hotels
    United States

    BEWARE of this hotel. After paying for two nights in Memphis, my boyfriend and I went to Beale Street our second night and our debit card was rejected, stating that we had reached our withdrawal limit for the day of $1, 000.00, which was NOT right. Sure enough, after consulting our bank account, the EconoLodge we were staying at had charged our card FOUR separate times in the same night. This was nearly an $880.00 unauthorized charge made by Econolodge in the course of a single day. My boyfriend called the front desk instanty and they had no clue on how to handle the situation (REFUND OUR MONEY?? you took it out, you can put it back in!!!), they were rude, and acted as if WE had our information wrong. After nearly an hour of discussing the matter and being on hold, my boyfriend finally reached someone who assured us the situation was resolved. Low and behold, once back in Arkansas, our account HAD NOT been refunded. My boyfriend spent hours on hold trying to find someone who knew what the heck they were doing, while Choice Hotels held on to over $800.00 of our money for a $200.00 hotel stay. Finally, he reached someone who assured him the matter would be investigated and resolved within 72 hours. Wow, thats fast...Not. The next day my boyfriend received 3 calls while at work, an environment in which he cannot answer his phone, and was left a hateful voicemail by a customer service rep who not only got his last name entirely wrong, but declared that if he did not call back at once the matter would not be resolved. He called the next day, and they asked for personal bank information while he was sitting in his office, etc, etc, I cannot begin to describe the rudeness and unprofessionalism and waste of our time!!! Finally we were told the money would be credited back within 48 hrs. We shall see. In the meantime, we requested a free night, and were DENIED!!! They were nice enough to refund our $20.00 parking pass...thanks a million, EconoLodge. Not only this, but we were underwhelmed by our stay and the overall condition of the hotel. The downtown Memphis hotel is dirty, outdated, has an unfriendly and slow staff, and the best part was the cleaning lady opened the door on us after knocking once at 9 am the second day of our two night stay. Then she never came back, and rudely told US we should have put a do not disturb sign on the door when we saw her in the hallway. The rooms were dirty, and you could hear everything going on in the next room. WE WILL NEVER STAY AT A CHOICE HOTEL AGAIN!!!

  • Pl
      24th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Comfort Inn - Do not care about costumers
    Comfort Inn
    United States

    While my friend was staying at a Comfort Inn and stepped out of her room for coffee, a security camera caught on film a guy (who was staying in the same motel, a workman working on remodeling) who snuck into her room through a closed window, stole her purse and left again. The police were terrific, but the manager would "comp" her only for one night instead of two. They're lucky she's not suing. Think of the next young woman you know and tell her Comfort Inns don't care about her security.

  • Te
      24th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Comfort Inn - Price gouging
    Comfort Inn
    Post Falls
    United States

    I called the hotel before I checked in and was told by someone who identified himself as the manager that it would $118 for the first night, the hotel had a pool and it would be $149 for 2 additional nights. When I actually got to the hotel, I was charged $219 for 1 night and was told that I was unable to cancel the reservation the first night and that the hotel didn't have a pool. I then called the Comfort Inn 800 line to file a complaint, and the rep was able to get the clerk to drop the price down to $139 +8%. I was told by the manager that the hotel used a gym pool but it was only open during certain hours. The rep with the 800 line took it upon themselves to drop the complaint. When I talked to other hotel patrons, they stated they had the same problem with overcharging, and the manager stated he was running out of rooms, but the hotel maids stated that there were plenty of rooms. I will not be staying at another Comfort Inn again if this is how your managers behave.

  • An
      24th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Comfort Inn - Return
    Comfort Inn
    637 Red Level
    South Hill
    United States
    Phone: 4346769533

    I will never order from the chef depot again. Although I am pleased with the items I ordered the customer service was poor. I spoke with Jessie and he was very rude and unprofessional. He sounded angry and made me feel as though i was wasting his time. My greatest regret is that I didn't record my conversations with him. Maybe ordinary customers aren't as important as restaurant owners or top chefs. I would like to speak to the owner and and express the need to provide quality service to all of his customers. A good customer service rep makes deposits not withdrawals. I recommend customer service training and anger management classes for Jessie. All I wanted to do is return an item and reorder the correct item. Jessie should not be allowed to represent this company!

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