Choice Hotels / customer service, safety, racial slur from manager

I was harassed by a random drug addict trespasser last night 3 separate times, one in which he thought I was alone followed me to my room and knocked on my door at 3:15AM, I complained to front desk and they stated he doesn't have a room there. She escorted him off property only after terrifying me and allowing me up all night with no sleep. And then to follow that, the Janitor was fixing pipes and doing welding construction at 430 AM next door to my room, and There was banging of pipes until morning and I was to be up at 6 for work. I complained to Owner Kinnar, he stated its not his problem, no refund no discount if i was scared I should have contacted law enforcement, only problem is there wasnt a hotel phone in room, his Assistant Mng asked me a question, I simply asked I'm sorry ? I didn't understand your question. He replies, you talk Ghetto but don't understand English Indian accent. They didn't allow me to even inform them of anything, or my safety concern, and they walked away and shut door on me.

I could cry. I didn't even get to sleep, all I'm asking for is the 55$ refund to my mother whom spent her last to put me into that room.

Nov 15, 2017

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