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Here is a copy of original complaint and 2nd complaint follow up [protected]
Still no acknowledgement. Very poor representation I would say.
I sent this email to the General Manager-regarding our stay at Choice Hotels. I have yet to receive a response. NOT good customer retention attempt no Customer Service.

Subject: Room 209
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 19:44:52 -0500
From: Janna
To: gm.[protected]

Mr Chan Park

First I would like to thank you for the Week long stay at your Hotel.
We enjoyed the view and the complementary breakfast-and your Maid staff
was very pleasant.

We arrived in Port Orchard Wa on an un expected family emergency-and
were grateful your Hotel had openings that accommodated our needs on
such a short notice. This visit resulted in the passing of a family
member and we were at a loss on a safe place to stay.

As luck would have it, there was a power outage in Port Orchard, due to
a "pole" being knocked over, and the hotel was without electric, for
over 8 hours. When this happened, we went to the office to see what had
happened-and was told it "will be about 45 minutes more" and why. This
was after about 2 hours.

About 2 hours or so more, I went to inquire as to the status-and was
surprised that a generator was hooked up to the front office and there
were lights etc. hooked up for them. I asked if there were a couple of
flash lights, candles-etc and could I possibly get 2 Blankets, as it was
getting "chilly" quickly. This after about 4 hours. total.

The young lady was VERY rude, and told me she could not give me any
blankets-as they were needed to be able to rent out other rooms- and
that there was NO WAY she would open any storage areas or other rooms to
get a couple blankets.

First of all, I am surprised that Guests weren't notified, this is what
is happening and here is a flash light and blankets until everything is
back up and running. Keeping Guests informed. I was told I couldn't
talk with manager because "he has children and its late to call him"-I'm
sorry, but I am in customer service, and would never have told a guest

Am I wrong in thinking that access to blankets-pillows etc. should be
available to the FRONT DESK STAFF? In case of an emergency?

We had paid for a weeks stay- and just asked for some basic items. Oh
Yes, she did give me 2 flashlights, and after this last contact-she
brought 2 blankets- to our room and shoved them at my daughter saying,
"here are a couple blankets, maintenance let me get them when they
brought me gas".

Not a good representation of customer service, and definitely not
provided in a "caring" manner. I just think you should be aware.
Perhaps have a contingent plan on what to do or how to do something
considerate in the future.

Amanda Weaver-Room 209 December 30th-January 5th


Jan 28, 2017

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