Choice Home Warranty / will not honor repairs as stated in warranty

New Jersey, United States
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BUYER BEWARE!!! This is the WORST home warranty company that I have ever dealt with. I have had this warranty since July of 2014. I called on 5/18 to have my air conditioner fixed. First, they couldn't get a technician to come until two days later. Then, when he came he said it was a compositor unit on the AC was bad, he replaced it (about $10.00) and I paid him the $45.00 service fee. When the house didn't cool down, I called him back and he would not respond. Called Choice Home Warranty, they said that they would send him back out. He now diagnosed the problem as a bad compressor and it would be 1, 200.00 dollars to fix it.. Choice home warranty denied the claim. Said it was not covered because it could be a manufacturer defect, or power surge, or not doing proper maintenance. I maintained that unit every year. They are liars, cheats, and dishonest people at this company. Someone needs to put them out of business. I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the Government Consumer Protection Office (, the federal trade commission, and the better business bureau. Also, the technician that came to my house told me they won't pay them for the work they performed either. This company is pocketing the money from warranty policy premiums and not owning up to the agreements that they made with the consumers. If anyone wants to do a class action suit, I'm in!

May 25, 2015

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