Chicken Licken / service

Queensburgh, Durban, South Africa

Chicken licken Queensburgh Durban.

The service is absolutely pathetic.
The staff have no clue on customer service.

My experience was on a Friday night 23rd Nov 2018. I convinced my wife to have Chicken Licken instead of the usual KFC.

We ordered 2 burgers and a kids meal at 18:24
My order number was 1100. I left Chicken Licken at 19:05.
My order was called after order number 1110 and their was 2 customers after me that ordered burger and kids meals. There was 1 customer who ordered 2 kids meals and got their meal before me. When I questioned the staff they told me it was coming soon. This happened 3 times. Further more when my number was called the the staff member was looking at the kitchen and called my number instead of seing that I had my ticket out.

Embarrassing and disrespectful is the bottom line.

Nov 23, 2018

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