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I'm not a very happy person. we have visited the sherman location several times. and every time the very large black girl is rude during taking our order. we went last night at 7pm on 02/05/17. I had to repeat my order to her 3 times. she would say in a very rude voice (is that all)? when I arrived at the window, of course i'm checking my order. on the receipt it didn't have my extra 2 rolls. I said something to her, she then says that will be a $1.20 something. I didn't argue. I just gave her my card again. completely forget to look and see if my coleslaw was in the bag cause it was an extra also. the whole time while waiting for my order she stood I in front of the window with her back to us. mind you she a very large girl which took up the whole window. that was completely rude. never once did she say thank or have a good night, nothing. it was like the whole process was an inconvenience to her. when I arrived home the grave lid was partially open and spilled gravy on the food. and wouldn't you know it no coleslaw.

Feb 06, 2017

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