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1 Golden Valley, AZ, United States

I have been with Chewy for a long and have sent them several customers. How ever since Jan. 2018 they have been the cause of my bank account being over drawn three times. I called in January 2018 and changed the ship date to the 3rd of the month for Auto ship. after they with drew 98.00 dollars from my account causing my account to be over drawn. They refunded that amount and rescheduled that shipment to the 3rd of that month. It happened again in Feb.2018 after I requested shipment on Feb. 3, 2018 They shipped two days early again causing my account to be over drawn. March was fine as they shipped on the 19th of that month. Now it is April 30th, 12 AM back east, and my order # [protected] was scheduled to ship on the 3rd of May, 2018. I was told tonight over the phone that it is scheduled every 6 weeks, even though my 6 week requested ship date is May 3, 2018, they charged my bank account over $198 dollars at 12 AM, April 30, 2018, leaving me over drawn $78 dollars. I was told over the phone that nothing could be done as it is being packaged to ship on the day of April 30, 2018. If this shipping is going to ship on your date instead of my chosen date I guess I only have two options. #1- I already cancelled Auto Ship, #2 option is to buy from Petco where I can pick it up at the date I want to have it. I am paying $35.00 dollars for each over drawn incident, so I will be saving myself quite a bit money by changing suppliers. Seems even after phone calls at the time of each incident the problem is not solved. Why do I have to add a shipping date for each order if it cannot be shipped on that date. I am 84 years old on a set income and don't have other options to have extra monies in the bank.
Betty J. Schubert Alcaraz

Apr 30, 2018

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