Chewy / untold shipment days & damages

My wife who is now deceased, was way to loyal to Chewy for years. The older this company was in business the worse their service became. It started with wrong shipment destinations, broken dry food bags with the contents spread inside of the end package item, crushed cans of wet dog food, broken kitty litter containers shipment after shipment. I convinced her to stop buying from Chewy which she did for a short while. When she became very ill we again started to order from Chewy and history repeated itself. Two weeks ago I commenced trying Chewy once again. The first order was placed on a Sunday. Being an experienced Logistician I knew there would not be any movement of the product until the next business day a Monday. Taking the information shown on their website guaranteeing 2 day delivery I expected the items to arrive on Wednesday. Having inherited 8 large dogs and 4 cats I checked on Wednesday, the 2nd day to see when the items would be delivered on Wednesday, the second day. I learned the items would not be delivered until the third day. When I spoke with Chewy Supervisor I was shocked to be told Chewy DOES NOT SHIP ON A MONDAY, therefore the clock does not start until a Tuesday. This information is NOT posted on their web site. Chewy has grown to much, is out of control and needs to take a good look at themselves. Be cautious when dealing with this company and their proclamations. Find a local store so that you won't get caught short.

Jun 06, 2018

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