Chess ICTphone and broadband

Chess ICT are conmen and need to be stopped!!!
They are refusing to accept no less than 3 different contracts for the Never beaten on price gaurantee"
i moved premesis and they couldnt supply broadband and phone to the new unit... i asked them to move the line over which they put into BT who sent a contractor out who said he couldnt install the line as he needed a cherry picker to do the job, so i had to wait 2 more weeks when a BT engineer came out and managed to connect the line to my premesis... the phone line was noisey and i couldnt use it, and the broadband speed was unacceptable.. less than 1.3 mb most days so again unuseable, when i complained chess's responce was well you will have to upgrade to fibre - the guy i was dealing with gave me the price of £50+vat a month, bearing in mind i was already paying around £32 inc vat a month... this suddenly jumped up to £48 for the same service!!!
So i shopped around and found no less than 3 other cheaper quotes and went back to the sales guys who said " you have beaten out never beaten on price gaurantee" so I took out the new contract with Vodafone which is £32 a month for fibre! so what i was paying for chess for a service they couldnt actually supply!

so now they want £295 termination fee for a service they havent actually supplied!!! AND refusing to acknoledge emails and questions regarding the NBOP making all sorts of excuses trying to say the NBOP doesnt count!!!

But 3 members of staff, in completely different departments have all told me that i WOULDNT be charged!!! yet here is the demand for money for a service thay didnt supply!

Mar 13, 2017

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