Chegg EducationCredit card Fruad

Chegg Education posted 4 charges of $60.82 and 2 charges of $57.57 to my bank account without authorization. All charges were made after midnight, one after the other. I had never heard of this company. I had never visited their web site. I had never bought or charged anything from this company. I have no clue how they got my credit card number or billing information. After speaking with Wells Fargo and canceling the card, I did call Chegg's customer service phone number and it was answered by American Express. I told them the problem and they had me hold while they got 'a service representative from that company.' American Express stated they handle the 'transactions' for this company but could not help me. After holding 10 min, I finally had someone answer the phone who yelled at me that they are not responsible, call my bank. I tried to explain that my bank said the charges were still pending. If they cancelled the transaction, it would reverse the charges and solve the problem. I made it clear this was fraud and I never purchased anything from them. The woman asked if I had an order number. I explained I didn't have an order number because I never purchased anything. She told me to call my bank and hung up on me. Wells Fargo said they will 'review the charges' and make a decision in 10 business days on if they will refund any or all of the funds. I asked them what they mean by may refund any of my funds. I was told that they would decide if the charges met criteria for a refund after the charges were posted. Right now all they had was authorization to put the money on hold. I asked if I can un-authorize the charges since it is my money and I never authorized it in the first place. I was told no. The bank refused to stop the transaction from going through, even though when notified, the charge had not been paid.

Apr 18, 2013

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