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I contracted in Febuary for Worker's comp from Chartis, I never recieved anything for 6 weeks so I called my broker and canceled the service, got a new policy from another company and started recieveing packets of information in 3 days. Chartis comes out in June to do an audit, I agreed to their audit of my payroll and have paid the amount and 100.00 more for the 45 days they say I had coverage but now they have added a short rate charge because I canceled. I tried in MARCH to get a policy in my name, they sent me one in June with someone else's name and address. It took till august 22nd to get one in my name.

I asked them to remove the short rate penalty...They say canceling my policy for bad service is not a valid reason...what is? Was I suppose to stay...all I had was a WCBINDER, there was no Information on what to do if there was a claim or where to take an employee. Thank goodness there wasnt a claim.

I have refused to pay this outragous penalty that was due to their incompetence, they have turned it over to a collection agency.

Insurance fraud should go both ways. This company took my tax dollars now is holding me ransom for my good credit. All I can do is tell others in hopes they dont fall victim to this terribly run company. The worker's comp I have now is great, do yourself a favor and shop around.


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  • Sf
      Nov 01, 2011

    I know its not on the same lines as your complaint but I been having terrible service with my claim with chartis. I'm a Veteran and an injured worker who got injured doing hes job. Its an issue just to get a hold of my Claim adjuster. I leave messages an won't receive a call back. One time they adjusted my compensation. Because of that my compensation was going to be on hold for 2 weeks. (Something I believe I should know). They did not informed me! I had to find out through my company of the reason why I haven't received any compensation. I think I should off been the first one to know. I mean, I'm the injured party. I should off known first than anyone that I'm not going to be able to pay my rent, bills or that my kids might not have anything to eat. Her excuse she was in an accident and was out of communication for a week. Great, find someone else to do the work for you if your hurt because there are many people depending on you. I called her two weeks ago to give her some information and I have received no calls back. After dealing with this adjuster for months and getting such a poor service I wanted to speak to her supervisor and see if I can get a new adjuster. I call my adjuster's Supervisor (Bruce Gregg) and asked him if I could get another person to take care of my claim and rudely he answer "no way" and with a sound of discuss and bad attitude continued to asked if there was anything else he could do for me. Finally my adjuster called me after her supervisor call her. Her excused, she was sick. lately that's all I been getting, excuses. I think Chartis as everything now days is a money hungry company that its quick to take your money but not give any good customer service when you need it.

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  • Ro
      Mar 02, 2012

    Chartis insurance is horrible to deal with. They're VERY unprofessional. Theyre the insurance company for a construction company in Cleburne Texas named Glenn Thurman Inc. AKA Thurman Transportation. I was driving on thw freeway and a large dirt clod fell from a Thurman Transportation truck trailer as it was in the fast lane hauling ###. The debris hit the road and broke up into bouncing rocks and dirt that cracked my windshield and small chips all over the front of my new truck. Sounded horrible. I got the truck number and pulled over to call the company, they gave me the number to the insurance company. The insurance company asked me if I called the police, I said no-- should I? They said no. The lady sounded very nice so I had trusted they would take care of the damage. Long story short, After numerous messages and attempts to get the claims agent on the phone, I get a call back from a VERY unprofessional girl that loved to hear herself talk circles in ebonix. (Its spelled: ask NOT "axe") Telling me they hadnt opened a claim because they do not cover the company Thurman Transportation. (thats what was written on the side of the truck that dropped the debris) I gave the contact information of the trucking company and she said she would not call them to verify! Turns out they DO cover the company after I had to bother them for a policy number and address to give to their insurance company. I got a call back from an adjuster in Illinois (im in TX) asking if I filed a police report at the time of incident, I told him that the first person I spoke to didnt need that. He immediately denied my claim in a very smug tone. Court here we come! Now I have to take time off of work to see these snakes in person...

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  • Ro
      Mar 02, 2012

    Forgot to add that they confirmed that they DO cover Thurman Transportation but they do business as another name. Sounds like a SHADY business covered by a SHADY insurance company.

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