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Charter One Bank / lost credit cards

1 248-495-8350Royal Oak, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 586 2075720

The level of incompetence is astounding at Charter One! I applied for a credit card through the bank on May 3rd. By June 22nd, I still had not received the card. When I called to find out the location of the card. They said the card was sent to my old address (which I had notified Charter One of the new address every month since January and they still can't get it right). I asked if there was any activity on the card. The "rep" stated that there was NO activity. So, he reported the card lost and stated he would send out a new card to me in 7-10 days. The next day I tried to use my DEBIT card (which I use everyday). It was declined. I called the bank and the "rep" stated the card was reported lost on the 22nd. I asked the rep how this was possible since I was VERY specific in requesting my new CREDIT card to be reissued. He could not answer. So, they issued me a new card. It is now July 6th. When I called to find out where my DEBIT card was, the rep informed me they sent it to my OLD address AGAIN! Keep in mind, every month I receive my bank statements at the right address. Since then, I have canceled my CREDIT card (that I still had yet to receive) and in 2 weeks, after the sale of my new home is complete I will be closing my Checking Account. I will not spend the next 2 years trying to change my address again. I will try and find a bank that can tell the difference between a CREDIT card and a DEBIT card.

One ticked off, soon to be ex-Charter One customer!

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