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My internet service has always been poor, starting Sept 2014, i could sign on forvapprox 30 seconds before being dropped, this went on until Sept 2015, numerous phone calls, service calls and lies, stating its my ipod, needed software update on modem, services working fine, very frustrating, my ipod worked fine at numerous other locations. Charter has 2g/5g blended signsl, had outside source test it, split signal, 2g not working, could only stay logged in average 20 seconds. Armed with thus info charter admited signal not working, promised the additional six month credit due if i allowed an all day service call, three different teams, who also admitted 2g signal not working. I have yet to recieve the additional 6 month credit, Julie Danielson, VP Customer Support [protected], at her job less than 2 months, says she has final say, will not provide superiors contact info. Over a year and half aggrevation, frustration, abuse by charter, unethucal and immoral. Im not asking them to GIVE me anything, looking for the 6 month REFUND, not credit still due for services charged for but not provided. I didnt want, nor could use 5g signal but was forced to purchase with 2g signal at $59.99 per month, blackmailed to continuously pay for, or my other services would be subject to disconnection. Not only was I promised this credit/refund, i agreed to waste a day of my life in order to receive it, still have not received it, now supposedly given the final word by this incompetent, immiral, unethical imbecile Ju, ie Danielson. Its pretty cut and dry it unethical and immoral to charge someone for services not provided, yet then to promise them it and later veto it. Charter should be held accountable, not only am i rightfully entitled to this refund, I was promised it, I also feel I should be compensated fir all the time they wasted, hours upon hour, upon hous of calls, hours upon hours of service calls, the constant frustration, waste of time driving to McDonalds to use free internet while laying charter $59.99 per month for internet that did not work, plus all the abuse I have been subjected to by charter, while the imbecile Julie Danielson's title, claims to be vp of customer support, she's clearly in collections, hasnt been at this position even two months, last job omly lasted ten months, prior to that worked in collections for Macy's. Big problem at charter, no customer support, treat all there customers as collection agencies treat people, no wonder they have the reputation for the worst customer service in US, and had to file bancrultcy, apparently still have not learned their lesson.

Feb 26, 2016

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