Charter communications / cut underground dog fence

Over a month ago, Charter came out to repair a cable outage. The service tech ran tests and determined a new line needed to be run. He explained that someone would be out to mark the line for utilities and then Charter would be out within the next week to run a new line from the outside box to the house.

I told the service tech right then that there was an underground dog fence in my yard and I would need to mark where that was so they didn't cut through it. We were standing on my front porch and I explained to him where it was in relation to where they would likely be running the line from the box to my house. Hindsight, he looked a bit concerned when I told him where it was located.

When he left, I immediately took my shovel and some spray paint and went down my drive way (150'-driveway) to uncover and mark the line. Much to my surprise, the technician who was just there already made one shovel dig to try to find the orange cable wire. With that dig, he sliced right through my underground dog fence. (See photo #1) It was very obvious. He knew he cut it. Didn't tell me about it and didn't make another dig. We were very upset and called Charter immediately.

They said they would take care of it, initially. We needed it done immediately so that our Brittany Spaniel, Gunner, didn't wander out of our yard and into the street -- potentially getting hit by a car. A week went by. We called. Then another, we called. No action. Someone actually came out and took pictures and told us "this will definitely be covered." Still, nothing happened. We were furious. We called again and were told that the claim had been denied!!! [email protected]

About two weeks later on a Sunday afternoon (an orange line was laying atop our yard for three weeks), a contractor with a digger and line bury machine was there. We told him about the dog fence and he was less than pleasant. I told him he might as well lay the line where Charter had already cut it so he didn't cut through it a second time (thankfully, we were home before he started cutting/laying the line). He also said there was something in his notes about fixing the dog fence as a "favor" to the customer. LOL! WHAT??

He said he didn't have any underground/waterproof wire nuts. I said, well, I do -- but I shouldn't have to supply these given Charter created the problem. I came out just a bit later with the nuts and some wire -- YES -- I was supplying all the material for Charter's mistake. But, as I rounded the corner of my garage, the contractor was gone. I thought perhaps he found what he needed and fixed the wire. NOPE. He apparently had the wrong wire size (he left 12" of the wrong wire at the crime scene.) See photo #2

So, it's been over a month and tonight, I paid for and repaired the wire myself. See photo #3 CHARTER IS TERRIBLE. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. What gives, Charter? You have to be better than this. And, what credit will you give my on my bill? My time and material are worth at least $150. Not to mention the pain in the rear it's been trying to keep our dog in the yard and out of harms way for the last month. You should be thankful he didn't get hit by a car.

Very unhappy, still. Unbelievable.

Charter communications
Charter communications
Charter communications

Jul 25, 2018

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