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Charter Commnications / I cannot freaking believe this

1 North Bend, OR, United States
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We moved to the Pacific NW about 30 days ago from Oklahoma. Having used Cox Communications I thought we should go with a cable internet connection here in Oregon. We subscribed to Charter Communications. Every night between 8PM and 9PM our internet connection dies. At first I thought it was our wireless router. Figured it got bumped in the move and was just acting stupid. Solution was to leave one laptop plugged directly into the modem and see what happens. I figured taking the router completely out of the equation would solve the problem. Result was every night between 8 and 9 I still have to call Charter to have them reset the connection on their end. Simply unplugging the power and removing the coax connection doesn't do it. They have to reload on their end every night. Best part is each night I ask for a ticket or reference number so I develop a history. Every night I am told the account is being noted and the next person will know about it. God I wish that was the case, cause it hasn't happened yet. So... to recap. Been a Charter Communcations customer for less than 30 days and have had to call them over 17 times. What an utter joke. I'm not wild about Verizon, used them when living in Arlington, VA, but at least I didn't have to call them every day. And...on top of that...when I did call them at least they were polite, which is much more than I can say for the Charter people. Yeah... to top the whole experience off. The folks at the Indian call center for Charter treat you as if you are a developmentally disabled 4 year old. GOOD TIMES.


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