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I purchased a HONOR 9 HANDSET form CEX. It was sold to me as A GRADE (AS NEW), although it had no box and I was given the wrong charger lead (no plug). The lead it came with was an LG one which did not fit.

I had to visit the store to get the correct charger for the phone, where I was given a universal (no name brand) lead...again with no plug.

Upon charging and setting up the phone, I noticed that videos did not record correctly. The audio and the visual did not sync, causing a dubbing effect similar to that you get on foreign subtitle movies. Basically the mouths etc. were not moving in time with the sound I could hear. Also the sound settings whilst on a call were not correct and the sound of the other person kept disappearing.

I returned it to CEX ELTHAM, for a full refund but was refused a refund stating I must accept a repair under warranty. I was obviously not happy about this, as I purchased something classed as new, and it is not my fault it was faulty, however I accepted and booked it in.

I handed it over for repair 04/11/2018, and wasw promised that it would be repaired within 5-7 days.

After not hearing anything back for 2 weeks, I visited the store and was told it had not been done, they did not know where it was and I must just wait until I get a call...I expressed that this is not acceptable as I have no phone, had been borrowing a spare from a friend to receive the call and have now waited over 3 weeks!!

I was given my reference number and told to make a complaint, hence why I am now making this FORMAL COMPLAINT.

I would like an update on where my handset is located, why it has taken so long and yet to be repaired and an explanation as to why it is taking so long, no refund was offered.

It is now 28/11/2018 and I still have had no resolution. This is unacceptable, especially when I paid RRP PRICE for the phone.

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    Refund eventually provided but only onto a voucher so I am forced to purchase something else from them

Nov 28, 2018

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