CeX / WeBuy.comfaulty item/customer service

Out to exchange goods at CEX Bristol Broadmead to be able to upgrade a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 21/11/2018.

Went back on the 22/11/2018 exchanged the Samsung 3 and bought a Samsung 4, the item was not tested before it left the shop.

Arrived home, turned the tablet on and found the screen button and volume control buttons did not work, no time to take the item straight back as had to work an afternoon shift.

23/11/2018 took the Samsung back and complained, wanted to know why the item was up for sale if the buttons were faulty. Was advised a warranty test had to be done and to return later.

One assistant (female) did apologise and say mistakes happen, fair enough, but did not want to have to pay more money for a different tablet when wanted the one bought.

Upon returning advised they had found the fault and did we want a refund? No we did not, we wanted a working a tablet, did not have time for the item to be repaired as leaving for Europe within the week and the item could not be guaranteed to be back in time.

Again we asked why was it put up for sale? Why should we have to pay more money if we wanted to walk out of the shop with a tablet. This shop assistant was rude with no apology or verbal gesture of good will to appease the situation.

I pointed out that they would not accept items that had faulty buttons so why were they selling an item that displayed those faults. Explained bought the tablet less than 24 hours before, where upon the customer service assistant became offensive and said

'Yes I know I sold it, we think the item has been dropped and we are doing this, i.e. refund/ exchange/upgrade as a good will gesture'

This item had been bought, taken home and turned on, the item had not been dropped which I explained to the person we were dealing with.

Oh so rude reply, 'We only have your word for that'

There were no external marks, chips, gauges on the it had not been dropped. We did buy another tablet and paid an extra £20.00.

I remarked I was going to contact head office and make a compliant, to which the assistant nonchalantly advised me to do so via this website. I asked for his name which he refused which is fine.

Quite unhappy with the level of customer of service offered by Daniel K.

Resolution? Put your customer service team members on courses so they can deliver an appropriate service.

Nov 23, 2018

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