CeX / faulty product

At the end of 2015, I wrote to Cex about a complaint and have escalated it to their management and to this day failed to recieve a reply

This is my story ;

I am writing with regards to a recent purchase made on November 27th, 2015. I would like to return the item I bought as it is poor quality, which I find unacceptable. To explain in more detail Two weeks ago, i purchased a Camcorder and memory card from the store in Salford Prectinct to bring with me for a vocation which was due to commence on the 23 November. The morning in which i was due to leave, i decided to make some recordings and this is when i discovered their was a fault as it was not storing the clips . I immmediately returned it back to the store in Manchester Arndale and it was exchanged for a Canon Camera.

As soon i began my travels and captured this via photos and protecting them as i went along. At the end of the week when i continued to take further pictures, i noticed the 150 photos i had already taken wasnt visible. I was utterly shocked and concerned at this point. I could not understand why they was not showing as their where all protected and it was confirmed when i viewed them last. My day was rewoned by this because i could not trust to take further pictures . I decided to ask around in LA and was told their was a place called Samys in LA who could find the fault and hopefully recover my lost pictures.

So i immediately took the time to look for the shop . After viewing my camera and memory card, i was advised that i had been sold a very cheap and nasty old memory card which was highly corrupted and was not storing my photos, I was told to leave the card with them for several hours. During which time, my day plans for the day was put aside as my anxiety rose to think of my once in a life trip could potential be reoqwned because the memories may have been erased for good.
I returned a few hours later and was told they have managed to salvage my photos however 9 of the best ones was badly corrupted and could not be saved. I was then billed for $58 plus i had to purchase a 16gb memory card for $34.49

I am extremely angry and upset that due to Cex selling products they truly know was faulty and partly reowened my holiday . I am not technically minded in the slightest, so do not know about camera- only to take photographs. I want a FULL refund for the inconvenience as well as what i paid to have my photographs restored

Ms Jackson

Mar 04, 2016

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