CeXcomplaint regarding dangerous faulty electrical goods


I purchased a PlayStation 3 from cex for my child of 7 years old for Christmas. The console kept cutting out like it had been turned off. Today my child could hear a weird noise and when I went in to see it was making an electrical zapping sparking sound then the console shut off again. I then realised the power cable was hanging out. For starters I got a nasty shock from it to then realise the power cable was small for the PlayStation 3 power cable hole... Now my child could have got a worsted shock, but then again it was a fire hazarded waiting to erupt. It was sparking that loud that I'm surprised it hasn't cased a fire so far. I'm grateful I noticed it and have another PlayStation 3 so was able to give my child my power cable so my child don't have to miss out playing or watchig movies but now I do because I cant use that cable that don't even seem to be compatible with the console power hole. I paid £85.00 for this console.

I can't believe that this was sold in faulty electrical condition.

I hope to hear from someone soon,

Miss key

May 02, 2017

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