Certegy / declining my check

United States

I wrote a check at Academy Sports in Mt Juliet, Tennessee. It went through they give me back my check and my receipts. When I was balancing my account I noticed the check had not gone through after nearly 3 weeks. I called the store and they said everything was fine with them that they had gotten their money but gave me a number of a collection agency. When I called their they said I had a returned check which I did not think was possible because our account is set up to pull from savings if nothing is in checking. Come to find out Academy Sports sent my check through on the wrong account. Since then it has been a nightmare and I am afraid to try to write a check anywhere because I do not want it declined. I have called all the numbers that I have been given and the check I wrote at Academy Sports was sent through my bank by the collection agency and cleared. I called the number where they take that off your report after it has cleared and they tell me it was taken off but my check I wrote today was declined at Pet Smart. It is very embarrassing and I am going to take legal action against Certegy. I have always had good credit rating and I don't appreciate the hassle and the inconvenience it has caused me.

Dec 27, 2014

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