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I happened to be home last week during the holiday and received a phone call from Central Portfolio, specifically a male named "JOHN". He asked for my husband and I told him that he was not here, but if he gave me a number that I would have my husband return his call. He said "We have been trying to reach him since September and he hasn't called us back yet, how do I know if he is going to call me back now". I said he will call you back if you give me a number. He then asked me for a number where my husband can be reached. I told him that I was not going to give him my husbands # and that I would call my husband as soon as we hung up and have him call him. He was very rude to me on the phone for no apparent reason. My husband did call him and he proceeded to tell my husband that he owed $173.30 to JC Penny from 2001. My husband and I were both very confused since we had purchased a new home in 2003, and nothing concerning a past due amount to JC Penny had showed up on our credit report. When my husband spoke to John, my husband requested him to send us something explaining what the amount was for, and John responded " I will not send you anything else. We have sent you several letters. It is not my problem if you throw away your mail and don't pay your bills". My husband was furious and insulted. My husband said that he would check into things and call him back and then hung up the phone. John then called him back at his work and demanded to know when he was going to pay the money. My husband said when he found out what the amount was for he would call him back and hung up again. My husband then called me and told me what had happened. I decided to call JC Penny myself and see if I could get some clarification of the so-called charges, since Central Portfolio was being so belligerent and not willing to work with us to get the matter resolved. After speaking with a very nice lady at JC Penny it was discovered that the charge was from December, 2007 (not 2001) in the amount of $57.94, and the bills had been going to our old address and were being returned to JC Penny. In Dec 2007, my husband was shopping at JC Penny, didn't have his charge card with him, but was told that if he could show his license, he could still charge the merchandise. AT that time, we had not charged anything since 2001 and there was a $0.00 balance on the account. During the conversation with JC Penny directly the associate deducted all of the late charges and is going to send us a bill for $57.94 to our new address and we were told that once we paid that amount, the account would then have a $0.00 balance and no bad mark would go against our credit. I was so angry when my husband told me about his phone call with "JOHN" that I decided I was going to call back and talk to a supervisor. When I called the phone #, John answered the phone and I asked for a supervisor. He refused to transfer me and told me that he was a supervisor (If this company has supervisors that are this rude, they should not be in business). I then proceeded to tell him that I did not appreciate him calling and harassing my husband at his place of business, and that before he accuses people of things, he should make sure that he has his facts straight. I am still furious and I am not finished with complaining. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB against the company and "JOHN". Very Very rude individual and not a good way to do business. I realize that when collecting debts you need to be firm, but you do not have to be RUDE to get your point across.

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  • Te
      May 01, 2009

    I am a collector of 12 years and have lots of success at returning unpaid funds to my clients, but being rude topeople isn't neccessary to get the job done. Most people either need to be educated about their options or just treated better because the last person they dealt with was an ###. I actually worked for this company for a few months and if you thinks they treat consumers bad. You haven't seen how they treat their employees. Look these people break the law hundreds of times a day, and if you are not one of the collectors breaking the law they have no respect for you treat you like ###. Central Portfolio Control will even try to not pay you for hours that you have worked and will fire you to keep any bonuses you might have earned. The people in charged there are Mark Hedge(owner), Rob Barret, Jim Neely, and Alicia (don't remember the last name). Then they have law office that really isnt a law office under Joseph Belzer, this office is ran by a Mike Lesher who encourages his people to break the law. All these people care about is the money the make and the cars they drive. They don't care the laws, consumers, employees, or their clients. If you run into this company, 1st record the calls, 2nd get full names and supervisor names, 3rd call the original creditor and let them know of their behavior, 4th contact the attorney general of minnesota or your state. And last do not ever give them any or your banking info to pay an account. I have seen them change the amount of an electronic check to more than what was agreed by the customer and they move up the dates of postdated checks without the consumers permission with is a violation of F.D.C.P.A

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  • Br
      Nov 29, 2009

    Come hell or high water I will never pay a collection agency anything. Last year I got sick and lost my job. Then My child got sick and we had no medical insurance. So we let our 2 credit cards fall behind. Hoping later things would get better and we could pay them. It was get medicine for my child and food for the family or pay the credit card so we opted for medicine and food. ...about 2 months ago I got another job and decided to start paying on the credit cards again. well capital one was owed $300.00 and it was jacked up to 976.00 by a compay called central portfolio...So I did not pay it, they kept calling insisting I pay $976.00 and I said no. I agreed to pay $500 and they said no...I stopped answering the phone when they kept calling, so I finally answered and a Mr. Gant said I owed $1084.51 and I said no...

    Now, I was going to pay this bill but this fee is outrageous. So now they will get nothing. Oh yeah, they can sue me if they want, they still want get nothing. For when a judge sees all my medical bills etc. and the condition that my family is in, he will not allow them to charge me so much.

    Central Portfolio can kiss myass. I was willing to pay what I owed plus a hefty $200 for being late but I'm not going to pay some group of thieves and terrorist over 700 in late fees...

    A friend paid to have our phone number changed and for now I haven't heard from them...YOu see I wasn't going to hide at first but their calls are annoying and they don't want to deal fairly so they can again kiss my ###.

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  • Th
      May 18, 2010

    Initially I dealt with a very nice man, David Benson, but now I'm at a $ 0 balance and some guy named Zach West is calling everyone besides me. I've called him three times already and asked him to contact me, yet he's calling numbers that I never disclosed and is harassing other people that I happen to know. That is beyond unprofessional; and as a result, I encouraged those people to file complaints to the FCC against Zach West. They filed the report and hopefully, the FCC will step in and regulate this company.

    If you're being harassed by this company and they have no business calling you, file a complaint here:

    They are charged with regulating Debt Collection agencies:

    Here are the laws (and rights) pertaining to Debt Collectors/Debtors:

    For those who want to be added to the Do-Not-Call Registry, or who want to file a complaint of abuse, harassment and/or illegal actions that Debt Collectors have subjected you to, go here:

    Good luck!!

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  • Lm
      Jun 29, 2010

    Central Portfolio Control is the name of the collections agency their completely horrible the way they try to collect Their Money. Harassment Or even Beyond that This Man By the Name of, Ryan Kelly calls me everyday and screams at me " You don’t have the money, You don’t have the money Your only Hurting your self " (ME) "Sir im not working I do not have the money" (Him) " Don’t lie to Me I know you have it " Shouting while he's saying this . Excess me for saying this but if He where in front of me I bet the money that I owe them that he wont be speaking to me like this . Extremely unprofessional the company obviously is being ran horribly tried to speak to a supervisor and got hung up on . these people should not even be able to do this . I’m not the only complaint on this company . please someone help to put them out of business . I am still very angry and will contact the BBB on this matter.

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  • Lm
      Jun 29, 2010

    I Agree I Had The Same Problem With them As Well.

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  • Lm
      Jun 29, 2010

    Central Portfolio Control - Minnesota Central Portfolio Control

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  • Aa
      Feb 22, 2011

    Central Portfolio Control Inc has call all my family trying to get a hold of me, by lying about a debit I do not own and keep HARASSMENT my whole family!!!They are a bunch of crooks!!! I would never pay them a penny!!! Address: Central Portfolio Control, Inc.
    6640 Shady Oak Road, Suite 300
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    Phone: [protected]
    Toll Free: [protected]

    Collections Manager: [protected]

    Fax: [protected]

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  • Dv
      Oct 19, 2014

    When CPC calls get them to state their name, then state the date, then state your name, then say "I hereby give you notice to never call me or this number again." If they call again contact your states attorney general or your local police dept. It is illegal for a debt collector to continue calling once you have given notice. Works with all debt collection agencies.

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  • Dl
      Dec 03, 2015

    Central portfolio has called me again being totally violently rude and yelling at me as soon as I ask them to send me something. They refuse to each time saying they already sent me something in the mail. Just like what Dawn Robinson above was saying. They have never sent me anything. I filled bankruptcy back in 2010 and am trying to clean up my credit. I would never ignore a complaint of a debt. That is why I told them to send me something and I would contest this the proper way. They said no, they would give me their address and I should write them a letter explaining what I don't owe and to whom. Why would I do that? I don't know any info other then what Gatlin told me..that I owe Victory University $1884. Ive never owed them that money. I have emails from Victory stating that they cleared my balance. I told Gatlin I have proof that I don't own Victory University any money. They just keep telling me that they are going to put a "refusal to pay" in my file. I read what T.E. Esquire said above..."If you run into this company, 1st record the calls, 2nd get full names and supervisor names, 3rd call the original creditor and let them know of their behavior, 4th contact the attorney general of minnesota or your state. And last do not ever give them any or your banking info to pay an account" ... First, they never give me their full name and refuse to. Second they attack me so fast I have not had time to record. Third, I can't call the original creditor as it is Victory University as they closed their doors and I can't get or find any info on where to call. Forth, I will contact the attorney general but what can they do? I can't get any full names or any other information from them. I can't afford an attorney and I worked hard this last 5 years cleaning up my credit and now this. I do not feel comfortable giving CPC anything in writing without their letterhead stating the original creditor and the amount. They waited a month to start harassing me again. I told them last time (recorded on Gatlins messages because they would not answer their phone) they had 5 days by law to get me something in the mail so I can contest this the right way. They never sent it and they are back to harassing me again. This time is was an Alissa or something like that. She said she sent something to me again and stated my address and said that it came back to her. I check my mail everyday. Again, I never received anything. I am at a loss and don't know what to do. This company is not just rude, they are violent with me. They scream at me and tell me they know the law yet won't tell me what it is. They accuse me of being a worthless deadbeat for not paying my debts and cut in on me screaming every time I try to explain anything. I am just furious. Why can't the law protect us from people like this? I see so many complaints yet nothing is being done to stop them. How can I protect myself? They say they are going to sue me for the money but I know I won't receive any paperwork. I don't want this on my credit record. Whatever, Im so pissed.

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