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Central Portfolio Control / Hang ups, auto voice messages

1 New York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-815-1992

The original call came from [protected] they left this automated message: This is Central Portfolio Control calling this is an attempt to collect a debt please call [protected].
I don't owe anyone money! There is this crazy stalker ex-landlord, Phil Gebhart from Albany Oregon. In 2006 he bought the duplex I lived in and wrote a letter to HUD asking how he could evict me and the other HUD tenants because we "lowered his property values" and he intended to flip the property. HUD responded and put both letters in my file, stupid move. Anyway, I moved because he was CRAZY, harassed me and made up crazy rules banning everyone I knew from coming to my home including the postman and all family, friends and neighbors. In 2009 he falsely reported me as a drug dealer claiming I was using my home that was for sale as a drug making house. He made false claims I had trespassed on his property and that I had posted stupid stuff on the Internet about him when he had been harassing me and posting lies on the Internet about me. Anyway, the Albany Oregon a Police Department lured me back to town under the pretense of buying my house, arrested me for trespassing, and put me in jail for 5 hours while they searched my house and car! Yes, illegal search! They stole all my prescription medications and credit cards to make it look like a burglary except they had claimed they had locked and secured my house. My neighbors witnessed the illegal search! Police dropped the charges then harassed me every time I went back to Albany to tell me not to sue them for false arrest! Phil Gebhart had a fit when the police refused to release my personal contact information to him, the guy was truly obsessed, and I told them to check with the Benton County Vourts because I had filed for s stalking protection order against Phil Gebhart because of continued harassment even after I moved. Phil's wife apologized repeatedly claiming her husband was mentally ill and Bi-polar. I have never owed this crazy person money and he has turned me into multiple collection agencies who all investigate and stop collection because this guy is crazy and I do not owe him money, he owes my $2000 which is double my deposit amount he refused to return because he is a ###. This collection is either Phil Gebhart if Albany Oregon or yet another scam. I have not called them back, If I answer when they call they hang up, if I don't answer they leave that message. Screw them!

May 17, 2015

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