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In late November 2011, I smelled gas in my front yard in Bellaire, TX. Centerpoint Energy came out to inspect. They stated that there was a small leak and thay they'd come back to repair it. The next week, I came home to find a 6'X4' section of my driveway gone and a 12'X4' section of my front yard torn up. Additionally, I went to run the sprinkler system that night, and the sprinkler system was broken somewhere in that section of my yard. I called to complain and spoke to Greta Walters in their complaints division. Foreshadowing: Over the course of the next 6 months, Greta would return about 1 out of every 10 of my phone calls.

I told Greta that I wanted her to call me before a team came out to fix my driveway because I thought they should replace the entire strip across my driveway (approximaley 10'X4'), as opposed to the one hole they just chopped out of my driveway. Greta clearly didn't listen to me (or didn't care), because a crew came out and replaced the 6'X4' section in my driveway, which now looks TERRIBLE, and they placed new grass in the 12'X4' section of my yard, which now looks decent after I re-landscaped it.

Greta informed me that they would not fix my sprinkler system as it was in an easement and was technically Centerpoint's property. My sprinkler system was never repaired after numerous complaints to Greta and her supervisor, Kim Coffman. My driveway still looks TERRIBLE. I wound up going out in my front yard and spending a weekend fixing my grass and sprinkler system as Greta stated that she would not pay to repair my sprinkler system. It is now May 6, 2012 and my sprinkler system is finally fixed (BECAUSE I DID SO ON MY OWN). It took Centerpoint 6 MONTHS to NOT fix my yard.

The bottom line is that Centerpoint's monopoly on the Houston (and surrounding areas) now allows them to act at their own desire and break, tear, and destroy anything in their path without any recourse.


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      3rd of Aug, 2012

    Center damaged about 25’ of city easement drain curb that was installed to keep easement drain water from flooding our garage and property. We file a claim and Greta Walters was also the claims person we had to deal with. She can’t keep her explanations for the damage cause by workers strait. First she said, she had checked with the centerpoint workers and they said, that all they did was dig underneath the curb and caused no damage..
    When I explained that we had a witness to what happen that day she wanted the name and address and phone number of this witness so she could contact them.
    A few weeks went by and Greta call us and said, well I made a few phone calls to your witness and she has not return my calls and then said, we are dropping your claim because we do not think our workers are responsible for the damage.
    I explained that the next door neighbor had no reason to lie about what she had saw and had freely came out and told myself and two city supervisors what she had seen the workers do and she is a minister.
    Greta Walters then told me well I have talked to our centerpoint workers and then said the curb was already broken and they but the curb back better than the way they found it.
    Wait a minute first Greta said, all they did was dig under the curb?
    Bottom line is what ever you do don’t damage their property unless you have a few are a million

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