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I have had a terrible time communicating with the ignorant people that Centerpoint Energy hires. Apparently they get off on calling customers liars, and don't ask for a manager b/c there just so happens to not be one regardless of the time of day that you call.

I receive my bill by email and when I do forget to pay they send a reminder through the mail. Great. With 3 kids and being a single mom not always enough time to pay everything on time.

Fine, I'll pay a late fee, no problem.

Well this month by the time I opened the reminder letter to late already disconnected. Finding this out Tuesday evening. Fine get on the phone pay the bill through billmatrix, call centerpoint give confirm.#, now just wait till tomorrow to have it reconnected. Great.

Not so great. Wed. morning call the customer rep center (from work I like many others do have a job from 7:30 - 4:30) I gave them my cell # to call me on while I'm at work since they said i could to have the tech call me 20 min prior to arriving. Great!

Not so great. All morning i waited no phone call. So I asked if I could take the afternoon off to wait for the tech (used up 1/2 a day of vacation since it was for personal use). Arrived home at 11:55 to look on my front door and that famous yellow ticket was hanging on the door that the tech had already been by. Got on the phone called centerpoint and the rep that answered said the tech would be out again later the ticket was no closed. Great! So then she said let me read the call ahead #, well she read it wrong so I corrected her and here is where it starts. She said that's what I said. ok no big deal just want my gas connected. Waited all day at home cell phone glued to my hand so i don't miss the call.

Well now it was 5:00 p.m. no tech. Open HOuse at the kids school in 30 min. so I'm looking out the window and by chance I see a msg. on the home answering machine. I play the msg. guess who? Centerpoint Tech. called @ 9:13 a.m. said he came by no one was home and was closing the ticket. I was so pissed I called the centerpoint and they were swore up and down the tech called my cell # maybe I didn't know where I was listening to the msg. from like i'm ignorant. telling me they had to verify the story and listen to the recording. And then they still insist that i'm confused. come on now.

All in all nothing was solved when i spoke to them last night the window of reconnection was 8am - 8pm. So i told them i'd like to try tomorrow but please i'll be home at exactly 5pm. and the ignorant Ms. Pamela Bolden said well now the window is from 8-5 be home before then. That b***h just aggravated me. If there were another provider in the city I would no longer by with centerpoint even if i had to pay twice as much. I think my sugar level dropped and my blood pressure went up at the same time arguing with those ignorant people there. And then one of them said well you have a problem and that is that maybe you should have paid your bill on time.

How's that for outstanding customer service. I know nothing will be done about this. I wish they would screen the ignorant people they hire. But I guess at 7.25 an hour we get what we pay them for.

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  • Ma
      Jun 04, 2008

    I have been trying to re-establish my service for the past 6 days. Missed a day of work to sit at home and wait ALL DAY for a representative to show up. No one ever did. I called again the next morning and was schedule for them to show up that evening so I left work 15 minutes prior to my work schedule (5pm) since I work only 15-20 minutes from home, was home by 5pm. No one once again showed up. I called the next morning and I was told a representetive was at my house at 5:58pm but no one was home. I aske if they nocked on the door or rang the door bell and there answer was that there was no vehicle on the driveway. I thought garages were mostly used to park your cars inside not leave them on the driveway.

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  • Ja
      Aug 06, 2008

    They need some COMPETITION!!! call the BBB

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  • Cs
      Nov 05, 2009

    Centerpoint Energy could care less about their customers or their service! I had the exact problem you did. I get emailed my bill. Just yesterday I opened a bill that said disconnect on it so I jumped online and paid my bill. The due date for the bill was 11/5 but the disconnect was for 10/31. Well, they hadn't turned it off yet so I paid it. Later on last evening at 5:30 p.m. they sent a technician out to turn off my gas. No little note on the door telling me that they were turning it off or anything. And, I was home! So they turn it off AFTER they get my money. I can't do anything about it last night because they were closed. I did try calling but of course the automated message came on telling me to call back the next day. If it's past business hours, why is someone at my home? Then I call first thing this morning, and of course they refuse to work with me on any of the reconnect fees or the deposit required now. Then they tell me they can't get anyone out here until tomorrow. Hopefully they actually show up.

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  • Ti
      Feb 26, 2011

    Maybe trying to pay your bill would be a start. I find with most companies they will extend your payment window and work with you. Remember, if you did not pay your bill its up to you to wait for the service person to show up...the company did not cut you off, you cut yourself off. Maybe gas, water, food should come before nails, hair and Walmart. Take responsiblity for your own actions and stop blaming others!

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