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Cebu pacific needs to review their rule in promo fare!

For the past 18 years of patronizing different airlines in going to and from kalibo, this is the very first time I have encountered a very disappointing and so displeasing experience with this so called “controversial” airline, cebu pacific. I would like to stress that I want to tackle this with subjectivity more than an attacker, basher or being a critic. This concern must be addressed on a win-win solution more than anything else because I strongly recommend the management must need to revisit the rule in the promos.
Last april 25, 2013 (Thursday) my mother and I was booked for 10:00 p. M. Flight to kalibo, unfortunately for the past few weeks and especially that particular week my mother was not feeling well due to extreme heat of summer. As for 68 years old with hypertension and arthritis, and elevated blood sugar she was advised to take a rest and monitor her blood sugar because on the 26th (Friday) her blood sugar will be checked again. I decided once and for all together with our immediate family members not to leave because of the circumstances and since “health” is at stake.
Back in the counter of the cebu pacific at robinson’s place manila, the lady told me that I need to pay php 3000.00 for the re-booking of my php 1700.00 one-way go light promo fare, because no such promo is available (As she checked the computer). However, she also told me that it can be refunded but with requirements, in fact she took more than 5 minutes in writing the requirements, and for that reason I truly blew my top on saying that “grabe naman bakit ano-anu ba ang mga requirements nang amount na php 1700.00 na yan? Ibig nyong sabihin just for that amount galing pa akong carmona cavite pabalik balikin nyo ko. Samantala pag nagpabayad kayo ng air afare ninyo gusto nyo within 24 hours. At ano ibig nyong sabihin mag papamedical certificate pa ang nanay ko. Ako nga din under medication din ngayon dahil sa hypertension and frozen shoulder baka gusto ninyo din ng medical certificate.” I talked to the office supervisor, likewise she insisted that the requirements will be the justification for the refund. What justification? Isn’t it there is fine or penalty which will be deducted from a refund air fare, is it justifiable that you are penalize and at the same time you will be punished by accomplishing the requirements such as medical certificate, etc., etc. I was in the office of cebu pacific more than 4 hours before our expected departure because the time was 10:00 a. M. During this very unfortunate april 25th 2013. I read and followed the rule written in the ticket, that’s why I knew that the ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable only to re-book with corresponding minimal amount. The personnel themselves were the one who said that it can be refundable, but with requirements, and for re-booking the additional amount is php 3000.00 (Why? Is php 3000.00 minimal in comparable with php 1700.00).
Is cebu pacific just as they need justification for the booking refund as well as the additional charges for re-booking of promo fare? As far as i’m concern, I don’t mind if they will get the 50% of php 1700.00 as penalty for the refund, even if they will tell me to wait until eternity for another go light promo for the re-booking, because that’s my accountability for cancellation. But the big question is why “requirements” and then penalty for the refund? Another but is why the adjustment of fees for re-booking is almost triple the original amount of promo fare? Why circumstances beyond your control wherein health is at stake not a justification? What justice are you talking about?

Belinda r. Aranzanso

Apr 26, 2013
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  • Ia
      Jul 26, 2013

    I had the same experience. I felt being robbed...I will stop patronizing Cebu Pacific!

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  • Ma
      Dec 19, 2014

    So many hidden charges. They are victimizing OFW's here in Macao, I hope the government will look into their hidden charges. They ripping us off with our hard earned money.

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