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You guys recently (2017) changed your in-flight meals and you sent an email to affected passengers that they would need to change the meals they had chosen when they booked their flights.

Problem is, your prices for the new meals are cheaper than the original ones that we had chosen (meals used to cost P500 each, hence we paid P1, 500 for 3 meals). If we now change our 3 meal choices, total cost would now be less than P1, 500. So what happens to the excess amount?

Your call center says the excess CANNOT be refunded nor credited to a travel fund. What?!?!

You guys should remember, we weren't the ones who initiated the change of meals, you were the ones. And now you refuse to return or credit the excess money that we paid for the original pre-ordered meals when we booked and paid for the tickets. That's plain and simple highway robbery, considering how many passengers are affected by this meal change. You mean to say Cebu Pacific will simply get to pocket all that excess money???

Your call center is of no help at all, they just keep giving people the run-around. Each time you call, you have to keep repeating your story/issue and again each time, they can never provide you a resolution.

Hello Mr. Lance Gokongwei! Don't you think this issue is worth looking into and worth resolving once and for all, for the sake of all BOOKED AND PAID passengers of your airline? Up to now (after 2 months of waiting), we have not received any solution to the problem.

Sep 17, 2017

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