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CDAC / Sony Ericsson K550i Servicing - Poor Customer Support from Sony Ericsson

1 India


The intention of the complaint is to make you all aware of the poor support I am receiving from the Sony Erricsson in respect of servicing my mobile during the warranty period. I would like to mention in your kind notice that it has become 2.5 months since I have given my mobile for servicing. Still I haven't received the mobile with the problem rectified. I have requested for a spare mobile for using during the service period in order to avoid my difficulty without using a mobile. The personnel at the authorized service centre informed that they have no provision to provide a spare mobile during the service period for warranty mobile. Therefore I was living without a mobile during these 2.5 months. I did n't complaint so far to anybody. My patience limit has crossed and decided to complaint. I am even thinking of raising a legal complaint to the consumer court. Because I've suffered a lot in these days without my mobile. I have missed somany opportunities. I have missed so many important calls. I have missed somany alerts. I could not enjoy the facilities like camera, mp3 player etc which I am used to with my mobile. I have incurred financial loss. Whom to blame for these losses???. Living without a mobile is unimaginable in this fast growing world. You might be thinking that I could have buy another mobile. This is because everytime I ask about the status of my mobile, the service person replies that the mobile will be handed over shortly. The days has gone like this and now it has become 75 days. I had decided to buy another mobile because I have lost the faith in the support from sony ericsson. Atlast I have purchased another mobile. This time I didn't go wrong. I didn't purchase the mobile from Sony Ericsson though the seller showed me somany Sony Ericsson mobiles. Before my bad experience with my mobile, I respected the brand, 'SONY'. Everytime my first priority was 'SONY'. I have SONY's camera, TV etc. Who is responsible for my financial loss?
I am so much worried about my mobile because it cost almost Rs12000/ when I bought my mobile last year. The amount is pretty high for a middle class man like me. I have bought the mobile for this much cost because of my faith in the SONY brand.

I have lost my faith in the Sony Ericsson support because it is the third time that the (said) rectified board from the company is resending back with same or other problems.

Brief History:
I had purchased my mobile (Model:K550i) on 5th April 2007 from a shop in Chennai, India.
Within 2 months of use, I have experienced that my mobile is heating up even when I speak for 10 minutes time. Due to the reason that I have no spare mobile if I give it for servicing and also due to the nonavailability of service centre at my native, I have tolerated the problem for last ten months. Now the problem became severe and I found that my warranty period is going to be expiring and decided to give for servicing.I have given my mobile for servicing at M/s Synergy Services, Trivandrum, India(Authorized Service centre for Sony Ericsson mobiles) last week of February 2008. The service person at Synergy Services found that my mobile has no battery problems and board complaints at the prelims check. They wanted to reinstall the software. I questioned their logic behind the software reinstallation and argued with my common sense that how can a heating problem rectified by mere software reinstallation. In this process I lost all my contacts I have gathered for somany years (another great loss). The service person didn't tell me to take the backup of phone memory but only to take the backup in SIM . I have lost all the details in the phone memory including bank account details, passwords and other personal records. They gave back after reinstallation. On returing home, I have experienced the same problem.
I again gave back the mobile for servicing on 15th March 2008.
The service person checked the board for any complaints and found no complaints with the board and battery. Since the problem was still persisting, they have send the board to company for further investigation. It took 15days to service from the company. On 31st March, I received the mobile again. The company has send me another board (IMEI No: [protected]) in place of my old board (IMEI No:[protected]). I have verified (I had to verify..) whether the problem is still existing from there itself. To my disguise, the heating problem was still present. What is the role of authorized service centre?. They even didn't verify the problem reported is still present in the rectified board. They informed that the new board send from Sony Ericsson after servicing is having the same problem. They told that they want to resend the board. I didn't believe their argument since I had faith in Sony Ericsson and strongly believed that the resend board might be fully checked and verified from the company. I argued that the battery might be having the problem. But they verified with a new battery and found that the problem is still present, the first time I lost all my faith in the company. They resend the board again to the company for rectifying the defect. After another one week waiting, the mobile was received on first week of April. The service person at M/s Synergy Services, Trivandrum checked for any defect and found that the board is having some other complaints and informed that they could not hand over to me. They again send the board back to the company for the third time!!! . One month has gone. Still I am waiting for my mobile to come. I have lost the hopes. What can I do? What wrong I have done? Who is responsible for my losses?

As a customer, I would like to know what is happening to my mobile? Why are they delaying it for this much time? Will I receive it after servicing and can I make sure that the serviced mobile is 100% OK? Iam very desperate and hopeless regarding the servicing.

I request you to take necessary action and make sure that same inconvenience should not happen to other customers in future.This is a humble request.

Thanks & Regards,
Byju C


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