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C&C Mattress / Fraud

1 Cherry Hill, NJ, United States Review updated:
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AVOID C&C Mattress:
We payed over $2000 to this company for a new Sealy latex mattress. Bought it from "C&C Mattress". Found out this company is run by some shady New Jersey character named "Pete" Cancelli. This guy pitches himself as the so called "mattress expert" and someone you can trust in the slimy mattress business. They sent us a mattress with a gaping opening that we discovered once it was removed from the packaging. The outer packaging was perfect so it was obviously packaged and sent with a pre-existing defect. We sent pictures of the hole to "Pete" Cancelli, the owner of C&C Mattress whereupon he blamed Sealy saying the hole is an obvious factory defect, that it's Sealy's fault and refused to address our problem. We contacted Sealy and they rudely said, "Not our problem, you need to take it up with "C&C Mattress", the store you purchased it from". Now, after spending over $2000, we are stuck with a mattress that is falling apart.
Both Sealy and C&C Mattress in New Jersey refuse to help us and continue to point the finger at each other.


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  • Ca
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Bad Faith or Fraud?

    My name is Peter Cancelli, the owner of C&C Mattress. Steve, from St Louis, received a mattress, which we had shipped to him. He signed for it as having received it in good condition. Later, her sent pictures of an open tape edge. I had no way of knowing if it happened while he was handling it, or if it had been incorrectly sewn at the factory. Just the same, for the sake of customer satisfaction, we offered to send out an upholsterer to sew it closed, but Steve wasn't happy with, we ordered him a new mattress. The mattress was made and sent to our shipper a week later...on the same day we received notice from Steve's credit card company of his intenet to stop payment. In the face of this, we stopped shipment. We told Steve that if he would reverse the chargeback, we would release the mattress for exchange.
    We are currently in the middle of the stand-off that Steve created.

    Furthermore, Steve has identified himself as a prosecutor and has threatened me, and I quote: 'I have no choice but to have this matter investigated by the New Jersey Secratary of State and Attorney General. I will pursue you both in State Court as well Federal Court for practicing in fraudulent interstate commerce.'

    If Steve is, in fact, a prosecutor, It is likely to be illegal for him to abuse his authority of personal reasons.

  • Sw
      20th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Had same issue with C&C Mattress and Sealy. They both hosed us on a mattress that arrived with a large tear in the side of the mattress. C&C Mattress, the New Jersey mattress hawker refused to replace. This peddler lured us in because he pitches himself as a real honest guy. Well I bit. Nice !

    Sealy said they don't warranty defective stitching" even if it leaves the factory that way". Thanks for letting us know after the fact.

  • Sw
      20th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Mr. Cancelli,

    Why would anyone dispute a charge if your company was willing to replace the defective product ?

    Surely the customer does not want the defective product because if the charges were reversed the customer would still be stuck with something he clearly does not want.

    Perhaps you strung him along refusing to replace it, and then only offered to send a new mattress after he advised you about the disputed charges.
    Did your delivery men tell you they observed the customer inspect the mattress ? Or, did you learn they refused to let him inspect it. Seems that would have been pretty easy for you to find out. Just ask your delivery men.
    Also, if you have been in the business a while you would certainly be able to tell the difference between a tear and the factory missing a long area of stitching.
    Furthermore, if your mattress is so fragile that it could fall apart from being handled, then it does not comport with a basic implied warranty of merchantability.

    When this person paid you up front for a new mattress he was entitled to get what he paid for. You sent him something that needed to be repaired. You sent him a headache. He held up his end of the bargain and paid you. You failed to uphold your end, and instead tried to weasel out of your responsibility by telling him his only option was to have it repaired. Did you not want to do the right thing because it would cut into your profit?

    Seems to me that you should replace the mattress. The disputed charge relates to the defective mattress not a replacement. When you advise the credit card company you have replaced the mattress, the credit card company will release your payment. They can’t keep your money if you replace the mattress.

  • Sw
      8th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Still no replacement for the all the money C&C Mattress took from us.


  • Re
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Why didn't this guy from St. Louis file a complaint with the BBB? I don't see anything in NJ for CC Mattress??? I mean if he is in fact a "Prosecutor" I would think he would have done this already and if not, I would hope he would do so, so the rest of us don't duped. What about you; have you filed a complaint?

  • Av
      25th of Jul, 2011
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    If someones dumb enough to buy anything online out of the state of New Jersey they get whats coming to them. New York has the same reputation. Why not just sponsor that poor Nigerian Princess that is trying to get her money out of the country? Or better yet, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you. Always Check who you're doing business with BEFORE you write the check.

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