CC Bill / credit card fraud

United States

I joined a web site that used cc bill to collect the credit card information and charge my account. this was the first time I have used the credit card in months. just got called from my bank fraud department asking about charges today. it was not me that placed any orders today. I have not used the card since the cc bill charge. I do not even carry the credit card with me. the only way someone could get that number and use it would be by cc bill giving out that information. they either gave it out or somebody that works there stole it. I called them and of course they say they didn't do anything wrong. how else could someone get my card number when I never use it except this one time. it did not happen by itself. I used the card for a cc bill charge and now I am dealing with fraudulent charges from other places online. cc bill is the only place someone could have gotten that credit card number to use.

Do not sign up at any web site that uses cc!!!


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