Cathay Pacificflight attendant behavior

J Nov 29, 2017

I used Cathay Pacific last weekend from 25th to 26th of November to Hong Kong.
I would like to complain about the service.
This was my first time using Cathay Pacific.
On 25th of November, I was satisfied even though I had my seat arranged in the middle. I used 8:45 am CX 415. Going to Hong Kong was fine and I had no problem.
But the problem was return from Hong Kong to Incheon, Korea.
I used CX 418 at 14:05 on 26th of November. I went to my seat which was 43H. I found out theater it is located aisle side. There was a wall in front of my seat.
I want to put my important small bag close to me. Mostly the bag must be put under the seat, but I could not even put mine close to me. So I asked one of flight attendants if it is possible to put my small personal item in front of me. But he answered no and told me it is their policy. He did not explain why it is the policy. I also told him that it is unfair for me, but all he was talking about their policy and did not care about what I feel. Also, he told me rudely without smile on his face. It made me feel uncomfortable and upset because he did not care about what I felt and all he cared about was the policy without clear explanation. I really did not want to understand your policy anymore after his bad behavior. If he was talking nicely with smile and say sorry but it is the policy, I would understand your policy and would not leave this complaint. The flight attendant was a guy. I could not see his name tag clearly, but I think first letter was K.
I usually use airlines from Korea or the US. This was my first time using Cathay Pacific, but I have bad impression about this service. When I go to Hong Kong again, I can always choose other service.
If there is no reply from you, then I will take that as not to using your service again. That is no problem.

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