Cathay Pacific / Delayed/Canceled Flight and Corresponding Bad Customer Service


Imagine being stuck at your point of departure for 50 hours because of aircraft technical problems. Well, that was exactly what happened to flight CX904 (Manila to Hongkong) on a clear sunny day last Apr. 28, 2012, as Cathay Pacific Airlines kept their passengers guessing as to when they will ever get to their final destinations. In times of crises like these, an airline chooses to either respond diligently to the needs of their passengers and pass the test with flying colors or ignore them totally and do an epic fail. Sad to say, fail miserably was what Cathay Pacific chose to do.

I was one of those 300+ unfortunate souls booked on that flight, and together with my daughter, who incidentally was flying for the very first time, experienced first hand how Cathay Pacific intentionally mis-coordinated the events of the next 24 hours, and how instead of appeasing and assuring their passengers, they were in fact non-commital and unreachable by normal communication means, so much so that we were left in the dark as to when, not to mention if, we can really fly out.

I had to resort to my own resources to find out what our options were at that point as time stretched and laid to waste our painstakingly made travel plans. And even after the airline confirmed to us in writing that we can fly out the next day, when we arrived at the airport, check-in counter personnel had only more bad news for us as they told us that they cannot honor their earlier confirmation, keeping us guessing again if we can really fly out that next day.

Needless to say, all this left a very bad taste in the mouth, and after more time passed than our collective stress levels can handle, we threw in the towel and just canceled the whole trip.

What was supposed to be a perfect holiday and memorable first time flight experience for my daughter, turned into a horrible and unforgettable nightmare thanks to Cathay Pacific’s inept handling of the situation which to begin with was no one’s fault but theirs.

Shame on you Cathay Pacific, I expected more from such a well respected airline.

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