CashNetUSA / payday loan scam

CA, United States
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On 09/05/13 I received four e-mails from CashNetUSA. The first, at 9:41AM, was to advise me that they were chosen by my "financial matching service as (my) on-line lender!" and provided me with a link to sign the agreement within 24 hours; the second, at 9:48AM, advised me they had received my signed agreement, that my "application was being processed" and I would be notified within 24 hours if I was approved; the third, also at 9:48AM, gave me my account information; at 11:28AM, the fourth one came in and gave me the great news that $255.00 had been deposited directly to my bank, that $300.00 would be withdrawn from my bank by them on 10/01/13, and included a copy of the contract I had signed electronically at 11:48, a mere twenty minutes AFTER they sent me the e-mail.
I had never heard of CashNetUSA prior to the first e-mail. Three weeks earlier I had looked into an on-line payday loan, I did supply some information to some other website entirely but just to see what the terms would be and if it would be cheaper or easier than doing one in a store-front lender. I did NOT apply for a loan from that company, just wanted to see if I would be approved and what the cost would be before deciding whether to do it or not.
On 09/03/13 (two days before I first heard of / from CashNetUSA, I arranged a direct deposit loan with my bank. At that point, I had no need to do one on-line. Then comes the loan from CashNetUSA, which my bank's computer system took to be a direct deposit, and used it to cover a portion of the loan I had with them.
I've called CashNetUSA and advised them: A) I never applied for a loan from them; B) I never accepted their offer to loan me any money; C) I never electronically signed a contract with them, and my Internet browsing history can confirm I wasn't on-line at all on the morning of 09/05/13; D) and this is the real kicker, on the "contract" they sent me, in the "Signature Block" it gave the time at which I signed the "contract" (remember - I "signed" it twenty minutes after they sent me the e-mail telling me they forwarded me the money), and the IP address from which I had connected. It wasn't my IP address. It was an IP address in Long Beach, CA, and I live much farther north in California. The IP address they cited to me is on Verizon's internet service; I don't have Verizon internet.
I am supplying printed copies of the e-mails and the IP tracings I've done to the Police because CashNetUSA wants to "investigate" what they say is "ID theft". If it was truly ID theft, the loan I allegedly signed for would be in a bank account in Nigeria or the Ukraine or the Cayman Islands - it would have not been sent to my account.
I'm submitting my evidence to support an allegation of fraud by CashNetUSA, submitting to the local police and the Consumer Affairs Department of the State of California. Possibly to the Attorney General.
The bunch of us might be desperate and stupid enough to pay companies like these over 400% APR, but CashNetUSA creates that debt for you when you don't even want it.
And no matter what they say, they can't take you to Court without having you served with a subpoena, and the Feds won't pick you up without and indictment... not just the say-so of scam artist like CashNetUSA.

Sep 12, 2013

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