Cash4Goldwant my package back!!!

On or about mid-march of 2017, I entrusted my gold, silver n diamond ring to cash4gold for a reasonable amt cash offer. As I had used this service once before, years ago, had been satisfied with the results (Cash). After no response by april 14, I inquired of the company as to why. The agent I spoke with tells me after her "researching" tells me that my check had been "cut" n was ready to mail out to me. I inquired as to the amt of the check which she stated $11.00. I responded, "no, no, no"!!! Just send my pkg back. She said she would pull the pkg but I would still need to wait 7-10 days to c if the check arrives to me so I could send it back n they then would mail out my pkg to me. I waited until may 24, called company back, spoke to theresa n she tells me my pkg had been pulled n was on its way to give it 7-10 days. No pkg had arrived by june 9, when I called cash4gold back, spoke to theresa once again,. Says she will talk to "supervisor" n will try getting a tracking number. Over the weekend n after much thought n reading reviews, it seems to me that I am being scammed!!! And it makes me sick to my stomach as I had trusted this company. Knowing I have on numerous occasions borrowed cash on my diamond ring of $100. N they have the gaul to offer me $11.!!! Well, I will stop at nothing to seek revenge n not limited to contact tv sponsors n whomever! Even calling today n talking with lisa​, which she seemed annoyed that I had called a few days prior, letting her know of my gut feelings. Guess i'm just [censor] out of luck. Beware!!!

Jun 12, 2017

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