Carrefour UAE / hoover washing machine

On 29th march I went to carrefour burjuman centre and ordered and paid for a hoover washing machine. The delivery was supposed to be done on saturday. Thursday while at work in the morning I got a call from carrefour saying they wrongly sold me an item which is not in stock! And wanted me to go there and select another one which is similar. Later I called them again to find out whether I can go without the original bill since I wanted to stop by the store on the way back from office and obviously I didnt carry the bill to work. They kept the call on hold for 10 or 15 min for the merchandiser to come and I hung up the line seeing no response.
In the evening I stopped by the store and the merchandiser apologised for the mistake, I chose another one and told him I dont have the bill and I was then taken to customer service desk. I was surprised to see them declining to offer the exchange saying I have to come back again with the bill. I refused to do so stating you have to find a solution because this is your cumulative faults. They were trying to blame the merchandiser without taking ownership of the mistake. If carrefour doesnt want to recruit own employees and save cost by keeping only merchandisers to deal with customers, then they can't disown them when they make a mistake! Finally they send their driver next day to collect the bill and return new item bill.

The frustration doesnt end there. Since the date on which they promised the delivery (1 apr) I have been following up on the same and it all came about as an april fool joke! When I call, the customer service agents talk like machines at length while I keep wondering how they are offering a solution. 2 days and they are still investigating.. All about a washing machine!
Today morning I got a call from a gentleman saying he's calling from jashanmal (Wow.. Thats another retailer!) and he has a washing machine to deliver. I told him to come by 5pm and by that time I will be home. He says no, in your area we dont do delivery in the evening but morning only. I told him I cant take leave to take delivery of a washing machine which was originally scheduled to be delivered on saturday morning (Weekend). He said his supervisor will call me back and no one called. Just now I called that number again and this guy was arguing that he called me yesterday while I see no missed call, and that he cant deliver today or any day in the evening. I told him that I will cancel my order.
I am going back home to take the bill and then to carrefour to cancel the purchase. But how will I get compensated for this nerve-wracking experience and all the time, money and trouble taken to go back n forth? I am so disappointed with this company and god willing, I will never go there again other than to pick up some fish!

Apr 03, 2017

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