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I recently sent a complain letter to carrefour marinopoulos supermarket (Greece) , it has been over a week now and they didn't even bother to write back. I had purchased 10 slices of deli turkey from their fresh cut cold cut section and was in shock to see how much I paid.. .3, 89 euro!!! That is ridicioules!!! I felt cause I was a foreigner that the locals think I would be to stupid to release that someone (From their employee) is taking a few more slices and even if that is not the case the price is way too much! Carrefour seems not to care for customer service since they didn't respond to my email. I am very disappointed that maor international companies have such irrilabile and dishonest employees in their supermarkets and in their offices in countries such as greece!

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  • Ja
      17th of May, 2010

    My experience with Carrefour (Santander, Cantabria, Spain) involved an aggressive young security guard who man-handled me back into the store after I inadvertently walked through the emergency exit alongside our check-out aisle in order to collect some carrier bags from the car. He demanded proof of my ID and had me searched. When I called my friend to collect his car keys and retrieve my bag he proceeded to push me against an iron barrier which cut two fingers on my left hand. When I protested that I would report him for assault he then decided to falsely accuse me of spitting at him and asked me who I thought I was speaking to him so in HIS country (Spain), the whole time referring to me as "chaval" which means "kid." He was 19 if he was a day, I am 53 and have been spending one to two hundred Euros a week at that supermarket for some years (bigger fool me!), only to be treated like a common criminal simply for walking through an open exit, not a cent more they can be assured. When I demanded that the police be called after being forced to listen to fifteen minutes of his xenophobic claptrap he finally returned my proof of identity and told us to leave (a friend had joined me) shouting after me that if I wanted to live in HIS country I should learn how to behave. An arrogance I have only seen surpassed by Neo-Nazi thugs on TV. Looking at the numerous reports of customer abuse: refusing refunds for worthless goods bought in good faith; refusing to give names of incompetent and rude staff; refusing to allow disgruntled customers to speak to a superior or if on a rare occasion getting to see a manager perfunctorily being told that nothing can be done; ignoring letters, phone calls and emails, just to name a few, one can only conclude that it is the deliberate policy of the Carrefour group to treat their paying customers with abject contempt.

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  • Di
      16th of Jun, 2010

    That was happening in this morning. When I was shopping in the Carrefour Shilong store, I am looking for clothes in the Jeanswest area inside the store. Jeanswest is the cooperation partner of Carrefour China. Most of the Carrefour store has Jeanswest area and Jeanswest has their own sales at the area to handle their job. That was happened by a customer taken a Carrefour trousers to the Carrefour staff want to modify the length of it. There is no any sewing staff of Carrefour on duty on this morning. That management guy just took the trousers to the Jeanswest staff and order her to modify it. Jeanswest staff don’t have to offend any service other than Jeanswest products. The Carrefour guy just shouted on the girl(Jeanswest staff) and said that he would ask the security to pick her out of the store if she don’t help on this. That is ludicrous! This is not that girl’s business but that guy just abuse his power and shout on her. Can you imagine a big guy just shouting on a girl in a public area? What do you think the feeling of that girl?

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