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Their website says delivery in 2 to 4 weeks. They will lie to you. I ordered a garage from them 10 weeks ago, march 28, 2006, with a 10% deposit. 6 weeks later, it was installed on 5/13/2006, a day late, and without installing the 10x8 foot garage door. When i called them on friday, may 12, the day it was supposed to be delivered, and they said they were running late, i asked if that meant they would be there saturday. The reply was "i'll call you and let you know." they didn't call and since they close at 4 pm on friday and are not open weekends, i couldn't contact them. I live 4 1/2 hours away from this property. They did show up saturday but said they couldn't install the garage door because a bracket was missing. What good is a garage without the door? The installer said they might install the door monday, may 15. The garage was constructed using 14 gage frame, and i had specified over and over to both companies that i wanted 12 gage. 4 weeks later, they have yet to install the door, because they don't have anybody going up that way.

Today is june 9, 2006, and they are supposed to be up next week to resolve this. I've heard this crap before. They are supposed to call me this weekend, according to gabriel ortalaza at This is a lie because i know carolina carports is closed on the weekends. My advice is stay away from these businesses, unless you like to wait and wait and wait and be lied to.

June 10, my neighbor in indiana calls me to inform me that my atv was stolen from the garage. The atv was double chained into 30 inches of concrete in the ground, inside the building.

June 12, 2006, gabriel ortalaza from emails me. He is very sorry my atv got stolen from the garage, but it is not his fault and that i will receive a call this week about installing the door.

Today is june19,2006, no call from carolina carports.

June 22, 2006, we are now at 12 weeks after i ordered building and after almost 6 weeks with no door on it. Brenda, from carolina carports mississippi office, calls to ask if my carport has been repaired yet. She tells me it will be done tuesday, june 27, but i must give her directions again on how to get there. I can't email it, because they have no computers there. I told her the directions.

June 27, 6:15 pm javier(i don't know his real name because he doesn't speak english very well, so i will call him javier) calls to tell me he is there to put up door. Hoooorah

June 29, i call javier to confirm the door is installed. He says yes, door is up, send check to company. The balance is to be paid when the job is finished.

July 1, 4 pm my neighbor calls and asks if i had been down to the property. He is standing inside my building and there are tire tracks in the driveway. I said it was probably the guys installing the door. He tells me the door is still lying on the floor not installed.

July 1, 4:30 pm i call javier and ask why he told me the door was installed if it wasn't. He said he had no generator that day and the road was closed. Liar liar. If he didn't have a generator, why did he show up at all? The original contract stated they would need one. They need one to put the building up. It is now 7 weeks since the building was put up and it still has no 10x8 foot door.

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  • Pe
      7th of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I too was promised a complete building in two weeks by my dealer. It has been over a month with no calls from them what so ever. The independent dealers have no control over them. He told me that they will not move the truck for less than $10, 000 of business. Your order will wait until they have the amount they need to move the material. Who knows how long this will take? I wish I could get my deposit back, that is how they catch you. They require 10% down and if you change your mind, you're out of your deposit.

  • St
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    well i made the same mistake using this company. i was told to make the concrete slap 3in larger all the way around so that the installer wouldnt crack the concrete, A problem I was told they had. Well I did this. They still started in one corner and they still cracked the concrete. I was told to buy a sealer for the beams on the floor. I did and the installer wouldnt use it. swore it would never leak. Rained the same day and now extra six in. of concrete stick out even with the eve and guess what, all the water now runs in the building. to top this off, there is a hole in the roof, where the installer missed one of the metal rafters. and to top it off, i did get my roll down door, at time of delivery but the latches were cut wrong and i have a 1 to 2 in gap under the door, god knows what will crawl under the door now. i tried to call 5 times the next day, when i say i need to things corrected im put on hold. Then tried to contact the local salesman to show him the pics i took. all i got was put on hold and the salesman mysteriously couldnt be found. plan, I did find a person that would listen and looik at the photos and tha was a attorney and the BBB, see what happens.

  • Ga
      11th of Dec, 2008
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  • Je
      1st of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I also purchased a carport from, when i spoke to Gabrial Ortolaza i explained to him that i lived in the TX pahandle where we get alot of wind and occasional snow storms. I told him i was interested in the "standard carport" he wasn't very professional in his questions nor explanation of the carport, asking if there was a lot of wind here, i told him yes he said it would be about 4 weeks before they could gat it up. I was told they needed 91$ down. They sent a crew out about 2 weeks later who put up the carport in less than one hour. soon after they left we noticed they had not bolted the support beems all the way through so we called them back they told me they could not come out again for a week and a half and and if the carport fell they would not be responsible because the unit was not certified

  • Je
      1st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    (i ran out of room) so i called back and gabrial told me they were not responsible for that and i had to speak with coasttocoast carports. I ordered directlty from through Gabrial...How could they not be responsible? Anyway i ended up with a non certified carport 1 foot taller than i had ordered and flimsy ### hell. He didnt tell me that i might need concrete support beams on the corners for the wind or mobile home anchors instead of those rinky dink "temporary anchors" (as they call them) Needles to say i should have done my research before ordering iam now trying to pursue a legal path to try an recover my loss. CARPORT.COM IS CRAP READ THEY'RE DISCLAIMER, THEY RECORD YOUR TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS WHEN YOU ORDER!!

  • Sk
      21st of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have not even got my order yet and working with CARPORTS.COM AND WESTCOAST STEEL has been the worst experience in my life. I gave them a 10% deposit and I am already ready to cut my losses before I order their buildings!! I purchased 2 buildings and the builder called me. The witch ant West Coast Steel has already delayed my order a WEEK! She told me that she does not like me and she is going to give me a good working over!!! I shent hours with her on the phone to get my order correct and she did nothing bug brow beat me and tell me how stupid I am for ordering the buldings!! This has been nothing short of tortuere and I am bout to call and cancel my both my orders as it seem I will be much happier that way!!!

  • Br
      10th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    When I purchased my carport about a year and a half ago, installation took 3 weeks longer than expected. While annoying, I could live with that setback.

    Early this morning, the carport I bought from collapsed, damaging both of my vehicles. The snow from last night was clearly too much from the aluminum structure and I was amazed at both the flimsy building materials, and the shoddy workmanship which caused it to collapse under less than 2 ft of snow. The aluminum bracers, beams, and roof had all been ripped apart; the only things that actually held up were the screws. There were several instances where these were extra holes drilled right next to where screws had been attached (both in bracers and roof panels), causing me to believe that these extra holes might have helped weaken the structure. Thankfully, my Homeowner's Insurance will cover the costs to repair my vehicles and replace the carport, but needless to say that I will NOT be purchasing another one from this company.

  • Al
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too had a horrible experience with Carolina Carports last month! I orderd one with swing bars, which they mounted about a foot too low. When I called to get this corrected, they suggested I get a $170.00 height extention. When I called back to order the extention, I was quoted $400.00! They finally did come down to $350, but this was still a slap in the face from the original quote! I never got them to do the $170, that they originally promised, even after thretening them with this BAD REVIEW!


  • De
      8th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm waiting right now for them to show up to install my carport, after reading all of this I'm a bit worried.

  • Br
      27th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    With all these complaints dating back to 2006, why then are so many people going to this company. I believe the complaints are valid, but with all the imformation at our finger tips, why won't people do there homework online fist. come on people, don't give this company any more of you're hard earned money. I betcha they hire illegals too. Be carfull folks. Brett, Jacksonville Florida.

  • Cu
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    We need to be careful here. There is Carports. com and Carolina Carports. com. Two different companies. Let's not lump them together.
    Most of these are old but let me tell you they have not learned anything (Carolina Car Ports). No customer service, no customer interest after they get your order and money. I scheduled a date and took a day of vacation, they did not show. The next day I had plans and they were at my gate at daybreak. I had to cancel my plans. I had called on the scheduled day and the home office told me they would be there that day. Not! Wasted a day of vacation and messed up my plans the next day. Two days screwed thanks to them. You would have thought they could have called to let me know what was going on but, no, they don't care about the customer only getting their order and money.

    On a side note, the installation crew was excellent, professional, and skilled. They worked so well together it was a treat to watch them work. If only the parent company were half as good.

  • Al
      15th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was lucky to avoid before giving them any money. Long story short - I requested a quote from several internet metal carport dealers on June 8, 2011. I received quotes from all but within 1-2 days...the rep. sent me a sales pitch and a link to their website. Couple of days later, I get an email from the rep., no quote, just fluff. I replied that I would like that quote. He replies, no quote, needs more information (which seemed irrelevant). I send him the additional information and his reply...need more information. I finally told him that I don't need his quote as I have obtained quotes from several competitors to which his response for competitors, we have none. He flaunts his prices and service and wishes me good luck. Note...still never got a quote so he did not back up his price claim, and as for service, well the run-around I got speaks for itself.

  • Mb
      1st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Which company do you finally go with? They all seem to be worthless. We ordered a carport to cover our RV at the lake. The company we placed an order with was T-N-T Carports. The company said they would deliver in 6 weeks. The only time my husband could meet them was a Saturday. Our property is 2 hours south of our home. My husband's company was offering overtime, which he has never passes up, but did so he could get his carport. My husband was at our lake property by 9 am since they were meeting him there "mid morning". I called him several time during the morning to see if they were there...nope! At noon someone knocked on our front door. It was a hispanic, young man, who could not speak english. He pointed to my husband's name on the work order and said, "Dat you?" I responded, "It's my husband." He said, "Buiding here?" I said, "No, building here." Pointing to the directions to our property, the next line under our address. Then I said, "Two hours south of here." He seemed astonished. Went back to his pickup, got a map. I showed him where he needed to be. He then went to his pickup to get his GPS unit...this is where I had him. I am employed by Garmin International. I got my Garmin and entered the coordinates in his unit from my unit. Then he was on his way. Keep in mind it was noon on a Saturday. Finally, at 5 pm a spanish speaking woman called and wanted our address because their battery died in the GPS. Ha!! Not if they had a vehicle power cable. Anyway, we never got our building that weekend. Last weekend we were on vacation, k driving to Lake Michigan, which this company knew, and they called us to tell us they could deliver the building on Saturday. My husband reminded them we were on vacation and would not be available. They called back this week to let us know they could deliver in about 3 weeks and since there has been so many problems they would refund our deposit. He thought about it and called them back today and told them to send it back. He also told them they were the worst company he has ever delt with, ever!! Someone suggested Carolina Carports. Now I read this. So I ask you...who in the world do we hire to do this simple job?

  • Cd
      27th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    We bought our carport from Carolina Carports Inc., and today was our installation day. My husband took the morning off from work (they were already short staffed so this put an added burden on his employer) since we were told they would be there before noon. I called yesterday and asked what was the earliest time we might expect them and was told daybreak, so we both got up in plenty of time just in case we were the first install of the day. They did not get there early and were not there by noon either. My husband called the company here where we made the initial purchase, (not Carolina Carports Inc) and they called CCI to find out where they were. They were told that due to the rain last night they were running late but they would be here today. I checked with my husband around 3:30PM and still no carport installers. I called CCI myself and was told they would still be here today. The woman I talked to was basically rude and did not offer an apology when I complained about my husband missing a full day of work. They should have called us this morning to tell us about the delay. They finally arrived at 5:30PM! When they finished at almost 8:30, we were missing 2 anchors, which they say will be installed when the next available crew comes back to this area, which could mean weeks. My husband did say they did a good job installing the carport and he enjoyed talking to them (when they spoke English). We agree with a previous poster that said the parent company should be as good as the installers! I'm betting we won't ever get our 2 missing anchors!

  • Dc
      5th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Lies...lies...and more lies

  • El
      17th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    The Carolina Carports located in Dobson, NC is the one I am having trouble with. Came a day late (said truck broke down), the next day came and did half of the installation, took my check for $1450.00 and said they had forgotton some of the molding pieces that go around the window, under roof and down corner sides, and that they would return the next day. In my opinion, What a load of crap. They did not return the next day, and when I called the office in Dobson all I got was a huge run around with promises of checking into the matter, calling me back by days end, etc. I cann't get an confirmation from them on when they will return. Meanwhile, I have horse hay that needs to be stored and I have no where to store it because they will not come back and finish the job! Valerie is the name of the woman that handles Virginia accounts and she has a horrible and unprofessional attitude making it very obvious that customer service is at the bottom of their priority list. I just want my building finished. I really want to stop payment on the check, not sure I can do that and not suffer repercussions? I say everyone should stay far, far, away from these people, you will surely have problems.

  • Ma
      15th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Carolina carports SUCK . i ordered two months ago . never called me so i called them they promised to install nov 4 2011 and told me they would be there the crack of dawn . They never showed up that morning and i called and told them they didn't show up and they told me they would call me in 30 minuits to let me know .. well 4 hours later no call so i called them again only to be put on hold for 1 hour .. i hung up and called again . and here is what happened . well we installed it for a person saying he was me and he was in a different CITY different ADDRESS but he said that that the phone number was his so we installed it . DUMB ### !! they installed it for god know who in aqnother city another address another phone number and another name . I pre paid for this building .. they said they are SORRY and mistakes happen(fools) so i was promised a new building on the 14 of november 2011 . guess what they didnt show up that morning as promised . i called and was put on hold for 30 minuits and she said they were running late and they WOULD DEFINATILLY be there at lunch time .. it's now 3 pm and the sun is going down, no calls no installers . SCREWTHEM . I AM SUING !! THEY ARE CROOKS !!!

  • Je
      22nd of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Agree with all the complaints I read against Carolina Carports (CCI) the entire company is staffed by irresponsible, liars that would make the Federal Government employees look like Bo Peep in comparison- in fact the government could take lessons on lying from CCI

  • Dc
      27th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    They Are CROOKS. I Think We All Should be compensated For Our Time We wasted On these
    People. Because Of Their Lies.One Right After Another. I'll NEVER DO BUISNESS WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN. I also believe they should be closed down...

  • Je
      28th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    if there was a way to keep crooks like carolina carports from going into business I would certainly stand up and support it all the way- our freedom of enterprise gives crooks like them the opportunity they need to be able to go into business, advertise and reel in unsuspecting consumers- and then who is left holding the bag??!! it is NOT the company - we as consumers have recourse thru our courts system- but by the time we pay to get it into the court system- it costs more to try to make them pay than we have already been out already!! So where is the justice in this?? businesses (and I use that term loosely) like carolina carports are crooked in anybody's language- IF anybody figures out how to put them out of business please let us all know- I for one will support the movement 110%- I am getting so tired of having to fight to get what I have already monetarily paid for- maybe we can start a boycott on facebook- it has wide readership

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